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Ordered some things with my birthday money! (offset content)


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  • Ordered some things with my birthday money! (offset content)

    Jazz Deluxe.png


    This is just the mockup from warmoth/mspaint, but I have a spare USA maple tele neck that's beautiful but not currently on a body. So, I got to thinking that I love the Jazzmaster body shape and find it extremely comfortable but wasn't a huge fan of the way the tremolo models play. I also have played a friend's vintage tele deluxe and found it to have some of my favorite pickups ever. Add to that my love for Rickenbacker guitars and you get:


    Reminiscent of the Tele/dlx:

    1. Wide Range Humbucker Reproductions in a standard HB footprint from the Creamery in the UK (love the sound clips and they were surprisingly the most cost effective version I could find even including international shipping). These use 4-conductor wiring so I can do all sorts of rerouting via switches. 

    2. Hardtail string through bridge style.

    3. Tele neck


    Inspired by Rickenbacker:

    4. Stereo Outputs Available (1 for each pickup).

    5. All maple construction (unless you count the skunk stripe)



    6. JM Body shape

    7. JM Style volume and tone controls


    Usual V kookiness:

    8. Either coil or both selectable on each humbucker.

    9. Probably either series or parallel routing available when splitting up the humbuckers (e.g. send out the inner pair of coils to the second output in parallel and the outer pair in series to the first, etc. etc.)




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    Really nice!
    The creamery seem to be doing some cool stuff lately!!


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      So I am thinking about the most practical/efficient wiring for this. One thing i've wanted to try is doing inner pair and outer pair as different outputs on a set of two humbuckers (bascally using them as 4 single coils). 


      So I'm thinking:

      Mode 1 : Standard 2-hb type wiring 

      Stereo on/off switch (sends neck pickup out secondary output) in Mode 1.


      Mode 2: Single coils mode. Outer pair remains on for output 1 and operable by the standard les paul type switch, Inner pair is sent out in parallel to second output always on middle position. 

      Stereo on/off turns output 2 on/off


      Pretty simple yet would be very useful for stereo shoegazer sounds as I use that middle single coil position quite a bit for that.

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    Sounds sweet! I can't wait to see the finished project. And, happy birthday!


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      Congrats on the birthday. What color you gonna go with?

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    It'll be clear gloss (aka mapleglo)


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      Congrats! I hope it's everything you want it to be.


      My worries would be that it might be really heavy, and pretty bright sounding. Maple tends to be pretty heavy and bright. My Ric is all maple, but it's a 610 - they have pretty small bodies; certainly a lot smaller than a JM. On top of the weight and brightness of maple is the brightness of the WRHB. I have not heard / used The Creamery's take on WRHB, but if they're like the originals, they're not at all similar to your average humbucker in terms of sound - they're brighter and more articulate. Couple that with a maple body, and it might just pierce some eardrums.


      Like I said, I hope I'm wrong, and that it turns out great for you. My all maple Ric 610 has a great sound to it, so it's certainly possible that your all maple guitar will rock too.


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        Yeah WRHBs are generally clear and brighter but these use Alnico II poles so they should be a bit mellower. I do generally like brighter guitars anyway but I've never really plyed an all mple guitar tht actually sounded particularly too bright. I don't doubt that it will be pretty heavy, though, lol.

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      Yeah the 330 isnt light either. It has a semi hollow construction of course but that body is huuuuuge. I'm guessing this'd be in the les paul weight range which is ok. I mainly do recording and do tend to play some high gain el 86 amps that love to mush out on the bottom (also using pretty smooth g12-65 speakers) so part of the reason i sought out maple is to compliment the other stuff i'm using. Oh also it's freakin indestructible.


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        Oh also if necessary I have an all rosewood neck that I can use


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          happy belated birthday Mr. V