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The Fuzz Probe oscillation song; no guitar, just pedals


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  • The Fuzz Probe oscillation song; no guitar, just pedals

    I made a guitar looping video using only my pedals not a guitar:

    Here's how it works; the Zvex Fuzz Probe is in an auto oscillating setting. The note it produces is then altered with the Digitech Whammy and the Eventide Pitchfactor; along with reverb and stereo delay. Because the Pitchfactor in diatonic mode only jumps to notes in a certain key, I have some control over the melody.

    The looper I'm using is the Digitech JamMan Stereo.

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    Pretty cool. A passable piece of music in its own right.


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      That's awesome. Should have it used as a title screen in an indie game.

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    really nice, i just make weird noisy, but the are annoying and not musical, i'm jealous


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      Extremely impressed, when I clicked on the video I was expecting a load of crap, but that was really nice to watch.


      U r 1 cool dude. :robot:


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        Very cool! Thanks for sharing.