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Fractal Audio AxeFx does MOP


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  • Fractal Audio AxeFx does MOP

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    sounds good
    Originally Posted by justcrash


    VHT UL 1 2



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      Yeah, sounds pretty damn good. I'm impressed.
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        The guitar sounds just like the record.

        It doesnt sound much different than a Sansamp PSA-1 though.
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          pretty darn close. the little pseudo solo lick at the end of the riff/clip is a bit thin, but otherwise about 98% there.
          - Adam


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            That kicks the **************** out of any high gain riffage I've ever heard from a Line 6 product. Interesting...
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              I am not 100% sure about this product yet. I haven't played one, but I am in line to try one out.
              The thing that sells me the most is that people with monster rigs and no need to play gear that doesn't do what they want, selling, or setting aside their nice stuff to use the Fractal.

              I keep reading over and other gear doesn't get much play time anymore. These guys have vintage Marshalls, Bogners Deizel, Budda etc. etc.
              Some of the comments might not nail my "XXXXX" tone, but it is close, and just as good in it's own right.


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                hmm...sounds dead-on.
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                  hmm...sounds dead-on.

                  It does to me as well.

                  I am really excited about this thing.

                  The guy building them, Cliff Chase, has posted here since around 2005. He had some really nice tones way back then (when he was first starting out building the Axe-Fx), and really impresses me as far as building a processor, and now a company out of love. The guy listens to his customers and uses his expertise to tweek the Axe-Fx to accommodate them. I have worked with one person in all my guitar playing days that has done that.

                  Guy Hedrick .

                  He spent countless hours on the phone talking tone and working with me trying to make my amp just the way I wanted.

                  Now Cliff is doing the same thing with a computer trying to accommodate a bunch of people and succeeding, as far as I can tell.


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                    I think it's lacking some of the depth of the original, but that's damn close! Good job man!
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                      My Mesa does it better and has the soul of valves.
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                        That sounds just about identical to the recording!

                        I've personally never liked the tone on that album though, it's really weak to me.

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                          I have an Axe-FX. It has cured my jonesing for other amps. If there is a tone I want, I can craft it with this little 2 space monster.

                          Most of you know me and know I have had some really high end gear over the past few years and I would not take one single or pair of those amps for this rig!

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                            I know you.


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                              What does this mean though ?

                              "I would not take one single or pair of those amps for this rig!"