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  1. i will re-post mine which are way back somehwere. and what the heck, black kerry king
  2. i am looking for delay/reverb, either one/both but prefer delay have things to trade: tc electronics mojomojo overdrive, dunlop crybaby classic, boss compressor, voodoo labs sparkle drive
  3. yes... sort of. of the new stuff, i like mastadon; great band. i still love most of the old stuff i did as a kid; metallica, megadeth, maiden, skid row, etc... but as mentioned, i am a bit pickier. i cannot, in no way, do cookie monster. i love music; all kinds of music. baroque & romanticism classical, new/old country, pop, R&B, cultural music like bossa-nova, african drums, etc....
  4. Ricky Bobby's brutality knows no boundaries.
  5. I agree with on a number of levels, but that's not really what I'm talking about. Take Fender's Hot Rod series, for example. Fender knew how to build good sounding amps in the 50's, 60's, 70's, and into the 80's. Regardless of guitar or pick-up type, not many people will say that a Deluxe Reverb from the 60's or pre-MV 70's is a bad amp...they're almost universally adored. Yet, Fender puts out trash like the Hot Rod series that have nearly unusable 'Drive' channels and sub-par vacuum tubes. Why? It's not because guitars have changed significantly. It's because amp manufacturers phone it in these days because they think they can get away with it. Unfortunately, in cases like the Windsor and Penta, it doesn't always work well. What about the JCM800 variant amps Peavey built back in the day? Or the 5150/6505/etc.? Those amps sound good, so it's not an issue of somebody's guitar pickups not sounding right with a particular amp, it's an issue of bad engineering and bad R&D. Yes, some will dislike an amp no matter how many other people like it, but when your amp is almost universally seen as sounding like dogshit, it's not the consumer that failed you, it's you that failed the consumer.
  6. Originally Posted by peavey_impact This has to be reposted best gif in hcaf history
  7. this thread is {censored}ing overrated. ye who find this thread amusing more than likely are excited about nascar.
  8. 2.0 is {censored}ing terrible, and that's not even including reluctance to change.
  9. i know this is old, but i just wanted to post in here somewhere
  10. go to where she ran off and put out a shirt that you have worn/been wearing. the dog will smell that scent and stay there waiting for you. it worked for a friend of mine. also, once you get her back, please get her microchipped. $30. mojo, prayers, and good luck!
  11. the C30 has plenty of gain, why not just use the dirty channel? if you want to boost that, then use something like a tubescreamer or clean boost in front of the amp. don't put it in the efx loop. on the cheap, a digitech bad monkey works great. set the gain low and the output high to send a hotter signal to the preamp. for $40, it sounds as good as many $100 tubescreamer-type pedals. $100 for an mxr wylde overdrive and $130 or so for a maxon OD9, are both great too. all of those are overdrive pedals and color the sound of the amp some. to sound more like your amp, just more of it, try an mxr microamp http://www.jimdunlop.com/index.php?page=products/pip&id=253 they sound great with a C30
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