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  1. Asking only $1700 OBO now. PM me if you're interested. Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Used Dean USA RC7G Signed by Rusty Cooley Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): Comes with hard shell case Location (City,State or City,Country): Zip code 34604, Florida Contact Info (No Phone #s) pm me here References Required (eBay or other forum userid): joshualoganhero on ebay, JoshuaLogan on a bunch of other forums (The Andy Sneap Forum, Harmony Central, Rigtalk, etc.) Price (include currency and if firm/obo): $1700 OBO if you use Paypal eCheck/personal (to help me avoid fees) or send me a money order. I know I could get more if I waited longer to sell it, but I need the money as soon as possible, so I'm letting it go for cheap. These cost $2700 new. Please, send me a PM if interested. Description, specs, and pics: Up for sale is my Dean RC7G Rusty Cooley Signature 7 string guitar and matching hard shell case. This is the really nice USA version of the guitar with the Xenocide graphic, and this particular guitar was signed on the back of the headstock by Rusty Cooley himself. You don't see these pop up for sale used very often, and finding one signed by Rusty is even more rare. I'm only selling it, because I currently own 2 of them and can't afford to keep both at the moment. These USA RC7s are flat out the best playing guitars I've ever touched (out of all 6, 7, and 8 string guitars I've played, including high end production models and various custom shop guitars). The neck is very, very comfortable and the action can be set extremely low without fret buzz... If you're into shred guitar, you will love this! The super thin neck, extra deep cutaway, and huge Dunlop 6000 frets make the guitar feel effortless to play. I've also played a Dean RC7X import guitar which had been refretted with Dunlop 6000s, and although it played nice compared to many other guitars, it just could not compare to the USA version in playability. The attention to detail on the USA RC7s is very good. The guitar is used and has been played, so it's not in mint condition. There are a few minor dings here and there, but it is still in very good condition and plays REALLY well. This should be an excellent pickup for any Cooley fan or anyone searching for the most playable shred guitar they can find. If I had more money right now I would just keep both of them so I had an identical backup, but unfortunately it needs to go. Specs: -Alder Top and Body -25 1/2 in. Scale -Maple Rusty Cooley Spec Neck -Ebony Fingerboard -Custom Graphic Inlays -Grover Tuners -Black Hardware -7-String Locking Bridge -EMG 707 Pickups -Custom "Xenocide" Graphics Pics:
  2. bump. This is a good deal, guys. They sell for $2700 new.
  3. Up on ebay right now. I could do a little less on the price if you buy it outside of ebay/paypal. http://cgi.ebay.com/Dean-USA-RC7G-RC7-Xenocide-SIGNED-Rusty-Cooley-/320610136360?pt=Guitar&hash=item4aa5da7128
  4. copy and pasted from my for sale post on sevenstring.org Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Dean RC7X in perfect condition... looks brand new. This is the second best playing guitar I've ever played (out of many Ibanez, EBMM petruccis, etc.) I also own the USA RC7G and I wanted to check out this to compare them. The fretwork is very good and the guitar plays every bit as good as the R7G. However, the neck is a little bit thicker than the USA RC7G. I prefer the extreme thinness of the RC7G, but I know a lot of you would probably prefer the slightly thicker neck of the RC7X. It's about as thick as an Ibanez, but it has a deeper cutaway (just as like the RC7G). I can't afford to keep both guitars and I like the RC7G just a little bit better, so that's why I'm selling it. Modifications (if any): This guitar has been refretted with Dunlop 6000s to match the huge fret size on the USA RC7s. The fretwork is perfect... guitar plays perfectly and can get very low action without buzzing. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Matching Dean hardshell case Location (City,State or City,Country): 34604, FL Contact Info (No Phone #s): email me at joshualogan[AT SYMBOL]aol.com References Required (eBay or other forum userid): My ebay username is joshualoganhero and my name on a lot other forums is the same as it is here. I also should have one itrader rating from a guitar trade I did with someone on this forum. Price (include currency and if firm/obo): $1000 even. I pay the paypal fees and I pay for shipping. Think of it as the cost of an RC7X used + the cost of the refret job (about $300) without having to bother to find somebody to do the refret job or waiting for it to get done. Pictures:
  5. Looking around for a used Schecter Jeff Loomis signature C-7... never played one and would like to buy one to check out for a while... preferably the one with a Floyd Rose, but let me know what you have and how much you're asking for it... Thanks, Josh
  6. Sold on ebay for $675 + $65 shipping...
  7. Dude talk to me on AIM. haha Did you message me? I'm not sure who you are. Bump for thread By the way, it's listed on ebay now for $675 + $65 for shipping. I'm pretty sure it will sell fairly quick there for that price. So, if anyone wants it for $650 shipped outside of ebay and using paypal gift option (to save me the paypal fees) let me know ASAP or it might already be sold.
  8. I'm selling my Peavey 5150 EVH blockletter head. It's in good condition and sounds great with my Mesa Rectifier 4x12. I want $600 for it locally or $650 shipped. Prices are firm... I will sell it on ebay if someone local doesn't buy it soon. I live in Brooksville, but drive to Tampa often and would be willing to meet the buyer around the Tampa area to save them some driving. It has been modified with the skull logo you see in the pictures below... I wasn't the person who did this, but it was done well, and it could be removed if you want to remove it.
  9. bump... still looking for a 5150 III
  10. Looking around for a used EVH 5150 III. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  11. Just an update: All 3 things are sold now. If I didn't answer any of your PMs, it's because I got a LOT of PMs and people had already bought what you were asking about. Thanks, guys.
  12. Bummer, I was just about to PM you for the SE and buy it if it was still available. I might also have had a 5150 III for you. Sorry about that. He already sent over the payment. I think Enditol (Sacha) is selling an Engl SE also, although he's in Canada. Maybe ask him about that. If you're interested in selling the 5150 III, let me know. I'll be looking around for a good deal on a used one.
  13. Engl SE is no longer for sale. SOLD to zee1usa on rig-talk.com Axe-FX Ultra probably SOLD PENDING PAYMENT. If he backs out, I'll let you guys know.
  14. Okay, last update here for the night probably. A LOT of people have sent me PMs about the Axe-FX and also the VHT. Seemed like I had about 3 or 4 committed buyers for each one, but nobody has finalized the deal or payed yet. I don't know who to sell to, so if you really want one of them let me know and I guess the first person who goes ahead and pays will get them (either the Axe-FX or VHT... or both, but nobody has wanted both together yet). I've had 2 or 3 people message me about the Engl SE. I have two offers of $2075 and $2000. I'll go ahead and say the same thing here I told them... I'd like to get $2150 paypal'd for it. If you're willing to do that, let me know and the first one who pays gets it. I've seen lots of them sell around the $2400 mark and up, so I know $2150 is a good deal... Let me know, guys. Thanks, Josh
  15. Still no new pictures yet (due to needing batteries for the camera), but I found these pics on my computer from before when I was selling my old cab that show both the Axe-FX and the VHT poweramp. Will get pics of the Engl up when I have batteries for the camera.
  16. Hey, guys. I decided to downsize to a more simple setup and sell off a bunch of gear. Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra -- $1800 shipped probably SOLD PENDING PAYMENT. If he backs out, I'll let you guys know. Engl Special Edition EL34 version head -- SOLD VHT 2/50/2 poweramp -- $750 shipped I'll be getting some pictures soon. Just wanted to list here to see if anyone from here was interested before I list on ebay. Will take an EVH 5150 III as a partial trade for the Axe-FX or Engl. Let me know if you're interested. More info: The Axe-FX will be updated to the latest firmware before shipping. The Engl SE does not have LEDs. It's from before they started using LED lights. It has the old bulbs. Other than that, it's exactly the same as one you'd get in a store today. The VHT poweramp is for EL34 only. doesn't have a switch for 6L6s, but the amp was designed to use EL34s and sounds best with them anyways.
  17. Here are some pictures I found on my pc from when I first got the cab.
  18. What is the other cab you are after? A Mesa Rectifier Standard 4x12 (the oversized cab, not the traditional).
  19. Hey, guys. I'm selling my Mills Acoustics 4x12, because I have a different cab in mind that I'd like to buy for recording. This is an excellent cab and in brand new condition, but too pricey to hold onto right now when there's something else specifically that I want. The cab is black, with black grill cloth, and black piping. It is a straight cab, and it's loaded with two Celestion Vintage 30s and two Celestion G12K-100s with the different speakers mixed in an X pattern. These cabs are very hard to find used, because most owners hold on to them. They cost about $1100 new shipped and you have to wait a few months for them to build you the cab. So, I'm looking to get $950 for it shipped or $800 for it picked up locally. Save yourself some money and get a really nice brand new cab with no waiting time. I'll get some pictures of it up soon.
  20. Gear/Guitar Wanted: Maxon OD-820, ISP Decimator Pro Rack G Your Location (City,State or City,Country): 34604 Florida International OK?: For the right price, I guess Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM me here References (eBay or other forum userid): joshualoganhero on ebay, JoshuaLogan here and all other forums (the Andy Sneap forum, sevenstring.org, etc.) Price (include currency and if firm/obo): I don't know. somewehere in the $100-$175 range for the Maxon OD-820, and I guess somewhere in the $200-$325 range for the ISP Decimator Pro Rack G Let me know if you have either for sale or know of someone who does. Thanks, Josh
  21. Is the Pro Rack G still for sale? I sent you a PM.
  22. Hey, man. I'll go ahead and buy it if you'll ship it to me. I live in Florida... I know it's a pain in the ass to ship cabs but often way easier to sell that way. I've been trying to sell my Bogner cab locally and it's been taking a while.
  23. lol you got an axe-fx and poweramp like you wanted and now you're selling the poweramp? did you sell the SE? did you sell the footswitch too or do you still have it?
  24. I'm not seeing what the big deal is here. You had two 7 string guitars of the exact same model that sell for around $3000 retail each, and you now say you don't even like playing 7 strings. That's where the confusion was from.... I'm not calling you out or calling you a scammer or anything. I just found that a bit strange and was curious why you had two of them to sell. A lot of times when you find people selling multiples of the same high dollar item there's something weird going on. you seem to be not really following what I'm saying or something since you're apparently taking offense over something you shouldn't be... but anyways.... good luck with your trade
  25. yeah like i said Joshua, i am not really looking for cash so much as i am a different guitar... as far as having more than one... i see you have more than one guitar right? I wouldnt say that is weird at all considering i know lots of folks with two les pauls, three fender strats, and the fact that you want another one right?everyone has their reasons i guess... no, I don't mean just having two guitars in general. I meant you had two of these Dean RC7s..... but you say you can't get used to a 7 string. So, I was kinda curious why you had two extremely expensive 7 string guitars of the exact same model. That guy said you sold one a while back on ebay and now are selling another one. That's what I'm talking about..... just trying to make sure you aren't ripping anyone off.... But yeah, if it is indeed legit, then good luck with the trade. I think you'll have a hard time though because people playing les pauls aren't the people who would be interested in this guitar for the most part. If you end up not being able to trade it for anything, I'd be interested in buying it... so, feel free to get back to me later if you change your mind about selling
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