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  1. Ok Johnny but what amp you using?
  2. Should mod it for kt88's. Ps. How much cash were you asking?
  3. Would trade for mark series amp , shoot me an offer on what you have.
  4. I haz a dual recto ? http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2932420-Mesa-Dual-Rec-with-big-bottles-5150-2x12-combo&highlight=
  5. fender iron maiden strat $1000 fender tele - on hold Pm me for more info, I hardly check this section of the forum.
  6. dual rec $1100 PM me for more info , I hardly check this section of the forum.
  7. Yup! Been using 'em w/my Rocktron for years!!! I want to run it with my 2120.
  8. Love teh X-15!!! You can use as a regular midi footswitch yes?
  9. I just picked one up with the controller. I've been wanting one since 1992 but never had the $900 for it. I got it with controller for $175. Any tips and tricks for me? I see sweetwater has a cool write up about it. When the product designers at A.R.T. were asked to build what they considered to be the ultimate guitar preamp/processor, they decided to pull out all the stops. The net result is the SGX 2000 Express, and for sheer overwhelming processing power, this unit will cause even the most jaded guitar players to sit up and take notice. Carrying a list price of $849, the SGX combines a state-of-the-art preamp with a straightforward user interface and all the analog and digital multieffects routings you could ever imagine. When designing the 2000 Express, ART's engineers researched and designed a tube preamp circuit that they felt rivalled the best vintage tube amps, resulting in a sound that breathes the way only a tube amp can. In fact, the 2000 Express offers eight variations of tube, as well as solid-state circuits, each of which have their own unique sound. A Tube Contour control located on the front panel adjusts the tube's tonal characteristics. With the programmable preamp feature, there's no need to use a speaker simulator or any other "black box" when running the SGX directly into a console since the preamp design is so precise, you'll swear the guitar is miked. Analog effects can be used individually or simultaneously in any preset and all analog effects are completely programmable and independent of each other. Analog effects include: compression, expansion, distortion, exciter, envelope filter, noise gate, 7-band graphic EQ, effects crossover and programmable level. Distortion types include: turbo tubes, psycho tubes, overdrive stack, jazz tubes, solid state, solid warm, tube clean and tube stack. What's more, the SGX 2000 also offers unparalleled 24-bit digital effects including (let's take a deep breath): 21 digital reverbs, 12 gated reverbs, acoustic environment simulator (very cool!), flanger, chorus, stereo digital delay plus 21 other delay types (like echo and multitap), pitch shift, tremolo, phaser, panner, sampler and much more. Unlike other processors which limit you to a specific, predetermined number of effects chains, the SGX accomplishes preset construction by addition or deletion of individual effects. After adding an effect, the processor displays the remaining effects available for use in that preset. Take our word for it, the SGX Express is one of the most user-friendly devices you've ever worked with. There are a whopping 200 memory locations available in the 2000 Express, plus 475 factory presets retained in four memory banks, so you'll never run out of fresh sounds. There's even a programmable patchbay for controlling the two effects loops and, of course, comprehensive MIDI implementation. The list goes on and on. Space limitations prevent us from publishing a complete list of every SGX feature, but by now we're sure you get the idea. For bass players, A.R.T. offers the SGX Nightbass Studio Edition ($849 list), plus a slightly scaled down version of the 2000 Express, the SGX Nitro ($629 list). Play guitar? Then odds are good that you'll want to know more about these over-the-top processors from A.R.T., so call Sweetwater today for more information and your very special pricing on these astounding units!
  10. Have an eleven rack or any USB protools interface?
  11. He used one piece of tape to keep the lid on the shipping box, all I had to do was pull off the lid with a little effort to open the box. Next, the guitar, in its case, was on one side of the box, and the packing material (small bubble wrap) was on the other side of the box. This guitar was not wrapped up in the bubble wrap and there was no bubble wrap on the bottom of the box nor on the top. I take the guitar case out of the box, I open the case, take out the guitar and notice 4 pieces of something laying in the head section of the guitar case, as it turns out these pieces belong to the output jack of the guitar. The output jack for this guitar was well inside the guitar and I have spent the past 30 minutes trying to fish it out and reposition it, I haven't had any success yet. I can only hope he did not do this on purpose just to keep me from discovering a bigger problem with the guitar. Finally, the guitar was filthy from top to bottom. Now, I could have easily bought either this same model, or better, of guitar off of ebay. But, I decided to take a chance and help this guy out with his situation, and in doing so I get screwed. It is so apparent that this guy did not give a rats butt about selling me a product in a state of disrepair, so I am trying to tell anyone who is interested what my experience was. There is a reason why this guy is going out of business, and now I know why. You know, I knew that the guitar he was selling were used but this guy could have stated the the fact that this guitar needed repairs. Please, please for the love of all that is decent, do not buy anything from him. Thanks for your time. Ever bought a new Jackson or fender? They come shipped in just a triangle box with no packing. What are the pieces? Nut and washer from the jack?
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