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OT: Ronnie James Dio vs. Alice Cooper


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  • OT: Ronnie James Dio vs. Alice Cooper

    Hope this wasn't already covered on here before, but thought this would be a great thread to start in honor of both of these awesome singers, particularly RJD. So... vote.

    Oh, and tell us why.

    EDIT: Also, if you want, list your favorite songs.

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    Dio has far more powerful vocals.

    Alice has a scarier image.


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      Dio's a much better singer, but Alice puts on one of the greatest shows you'll ever see, so I went with both!
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        Dio can actually sing. So......I vote Dio.


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          Both have fantastic sounding voices IMO, Ronnie definetly has more chops than Alice, but Alice makes up for it by chopping off his head everynight, and clever lyrics. But Alice's choices in guitar players in the last few years don't appeal to me.

          My favorite Alice song, best lyrics ever.

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            The guitarists may suck, but the drummer, Eric Singer, rules.


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              I like em both. Rock is better off having their music around than not..
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                I'm gonna quote and slightly edit that. Well said!


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                  Dio is in the pantheon of greatest metal singers of all time. I don't have any animosity towards AC but he's not even in shouting distance.
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                    I thought it'd be a good comparison. Polar opposites, but still in the same 'arena'. [that arena being metal].


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                      Alice gets my vote. Seen him... christ I cant even count how many times. Always brings the goods. So many great albums over the years.

                      Nice guy too apparently, my father met him and his daughter.
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                        "I like both"

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                          Funny thing about Alice: His comment about kvlt kiddies [black metal band members] being this snarling evil person in their booklets, but nice when they'd come up to him. He then dons a trebly, nerdy voice and goes "Mr. Cooper, can I have an autograph for my mom?"

                          Funny thing about RJD: The calm, polite dispute between Gene and Dio about the devil horns. It's almost like a running joke. To me anyways. It's not as funny as the "Dave Mustaine vs. ..." videos, though. NOTHING is as funny as that, except maybe the stuff from the first 9 or 10 seasons of The Simpsons.

                          EDIT: And the Beavis and Butt-Head episode "Prank Call".


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                            I'm usually the type that doesn't give a **************** about hype.
                            But Dio's the real deal, he deserves the appeal.



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                              Unstrung is a closeted rapper! GET HIM!