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  1. They were nice at the time,felt good,PAFvoiced humbuckers,many favors.
  2. Hey OP, if the Craigslist Gods are kind you should be able to find at least a silverface Fender amp from the 70's of at least 40 watts (trust me, tube watts are louder than solid state watts) for the kind of money you are looking at. It may need service (tubes, capacitors), but it will likely outlive even you due to the construction methods used at the time. I have a basement full of old Fenders bought for stupid little money over the years. I have a Showman, Bassman, Bandmaster, Deluxe, and an old 210 Super Amp that all told cost me less than $1200, but that comes from 30 years of cruising music stores.
  3. Deluxes Super Reverbs are pricey, but deals abound for the less popular ones, Vibrolux, Pro Reverb, Twin reverb (big and heavy) , Bandmaster and Dual Showman Reverb.
  4. That was David Spinozza who did the fiddly guitar bits on Ram along with Hugh McCracken. Lennon hired Spinozzahe later, and was reputed to be Yoko's squire during the Lost Weekend.
  5. Lennon's sound did what it was supposed to do, fill the mids while Harrison got sparkly. He got some great tones, too. The jazz guitar solo in Honey Pie was him, and the last lick in The End is impossible to get right.
  6. SEs were really good sounding guitars, unusually so.
  7. Originally Posted by Moot That's ALL we talked about in the first 40 pages! j/k That 611hfm does look mighty cool! http://www.musicradar.com/gallery/re...-611hfm-486392 It is a HUGE shame we can't get their better stuff. Does anybody know why that is, exactly? Is it a legal thing or does Yamaha feel they wouldn't sell? It's a perception thing. During the 90's Yamaha was kicking ass and taking names with the quality of the RGX and Pacifica lines. Kids would play them, and buy a plywood Ibanez or Squier because their artist rosters were cooler.
  8. Rik has (or had, I dunno since the Dean signature model) a lot of pull at Yamaha in the days I was there (90's). Did some clinics with him, and he's an outstanding musician. Triumph was never my thing, but that boy can play and sing.
  9. Originally Posted by Radar-Love The T100C is a vacuum tube / valve amp. ...along with its cousin in a head configuration, the T100 I own a T50 head, too. It's alright, but not my go-to amp.
  10. Originally Posted by onelife There are lots of nice electric guitars in this thread but we need to plug them in to get the most out of them. I've owned a lot of amps over the years (mostly Fender tube models) but this is undoubtably the best sounding, most versatile and reliable amp I have ever used. I've had it for about twelve years now and I could never figure out why Yamaha discontinued them. more info People really discovered them only after they were discontinued for poor sales. A friend has a DG80-210, and it's a smoking, really versatile amp. I own a DG1000 (preamp) that uses the same technology but has no effects. The extra DSP goes to the front end, which is 25 bit with 5 sliding bits (essentially 30 bit). It reacts so much like a tube amp it's insane, even with the guitar volume on 1 it doesn't get grainy, or gate out. People were buying Line 6 hand over fist at the time.
  11. Originally Posted by Fusion1 Not sure I ever got an answer, but are there any Yamaha electric solid bodies either Pacifica, RGZ or RGX models without a locking nut with 1 11/16" width necks (at the nut)? I have a few Pacifica teles and they all seem pretty narrow 1 5/8". I know 1/16" doesn't sound like much, but at the nut and with narrow string spacing it does make a difference. Since the Pac904 was discontinued, I'm not sure that they do.
  12. I have a roomful of amps in the basement (literally). I love them. I also have a Yamaha DG1000, a PromixO1 and powered Renkus-Heinz speakers. I also love them. I'm good to go either way.
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