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Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MkI - Worth it used?


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  • Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MkI - Worth it used?

    Okay, so the opportunity presented itself to grab a Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MkI for cheap as hell. Like... sub $750 cheap.

    Is this amp worth it? I know the MkII is supposed to be the holy grail of tonal versatility, but I haven't really heard anything about the MkI.

    On top of that, is this amp worth picking up if it doesn't have the ridiculous footswitch with it? I've looked around the web and finding one seems like it's going to be pretty annoying and time consuming.

    Any insight would be rad. Thanks guys!
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    That's a good price - excellent amplifiers.

    Footswitch could be a deal breaker - you using it live? does it have the MIDI control board and you have a MIDI switching rig?
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      Well, I'd like to use it live. Currently I'm rocking a JCM900 4100 in 50-watt mode and eight year old tubes that somehow still sound great. Either way, I think it'd be a pretty big step up.

      I don't have a midi rig at the moment, but the footswitch is midi-based. The stock footswitch for this amp has six channel selectors and an effects loop toggle. How would I set that up on a midi-controller, and would it work the same?
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        There is a MIDI expansion board that plugs into the back of the amp. You use a MIDI floorboard into that and avoid the footswitch plug entirely.
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          do it
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            Not a bad price. Working out the footswitch issue COULD put you pretty close to the going rate, depending on how frugal and vigilant you'll be.


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              Go for it, that amp is killer.
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                At that price? **************** yes! DO EET... DO EET NAO!
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                  I just bought a Hughes and Kettner Triamp combo (only made in 1995) off eBay for


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                    Turn that fOOker up, 50 watts is for pansies.
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                      For under $750? ****************ing do it.

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                        Update re. the Hughes & Kettner Triamp combo - I took the footboard apart and found the earth and two other wires disconnected. Soldered those up, and the footboard now works as it should. Then I took a close look at the 6L6 valves - one looked suspect. I've replaced it and everything seems to work - for the present anyway. Fingers crossed!