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  1. Sometimes I like the lack of service, though. I just roll in and play whatever I want without having to ask. No kidding. Don't know why some dudes can't seem to try out gear. I've never been told I can;t try out gear or given {censored}ty {censored}. I don't get it. Maybe I treat THEM with some respect? Maybe because I LOOK like I belong to TGP they think I can afford gear and not just demo-ing or jamming on their new gear? Most of the time I just ask for guitars and cables...no problem.
  2. uh... ok. pretty cool that you hold a guitar up to your chest which isn't translucent unless you've got jellyfish dna. yeah.. the 80s weren't good to a lot of people.. And that's cool yeah you're cool..but... the 80's were good to a million times more people than it wasn't good to..... They were good times. Sorry you were like 4 then. 80's were good times...lots of great music..not just hair metal. As opposed to the depressed 90's and the angry 00's. LOL at people who think the 80's sucked or were "hard in peeps". Look at us now. 80's = good times.
  3. I think my decriptions above is about all there is to say. I've used many preamps over the years, from the original Chain Reaction, GSP-21 Pro/2101, RP-2000/3 to name a few. There's a few problems with it; The "studio clean", single stomp box option, and lack of looper could easily be addressed, and are the ONLY reasons it isn't a full 10+. But it does offer the best in overall category. You'll need to experiment with what you use to amplify it, as some amps/rigs will sound better than others. Sometimes go in the front of an amp, other times in the return/powermp section. Experiment, don't just do what they told ya. Use the global switch. If you want a selection of very good amps (feel and tone), and a basic tool kit of useable effects, all in an easy to use throw down and go format...this is it.
  4. Wow really? Salt = A chemical compound of Sodium and Chlorine. :facepalm: Oh I see..... so you made a dumb joke? HAH-HAH lol, hahahahahalololloollz! There...all better now? Salt still = Sodium and CHLORIDE. No matter what kind of dumb jokes you make or what kind of scientific source you find that yes...the chlorides and chlorines are in the same family of atomic structure. I'll try to remind myself that your "jokes" will have a VERY BROAD reference structure...and we can move on from there. "SALT IS SODIUM AND CLORINE"...hahahahahahlolololz!
  5. Good to see all of the Sweetwater love here... ^^^ works for sweetwater.
  6. Sweetwater is great it just depends on what you need. If you're spending serious cash and certain expectations....Sweetwater is perfect. If you see 3 pk D-Addarios for 6.99....MF.
  7. No {censored}! Look at what SALT is made of!!! Chlorine? Holy {censored}, thats a poisonous gas! Sodium?! {censored} me, thats an exploding metal!!! Jesus Christ everyone boycott salt! That {censored} will kill you dead. Chloride. Take a chemistry course for godsakes! Sodium CHLORIDE. The difference between an "n" and a "d"...*could* be somewhat important. "Chlorine"...lol...you're not smarter than a 5th grader, howz it feel? But nice try on ATTEMPTING to make a joke that makes you look that dumb. LOL for real.
  8. And FWIW, you shouldn't even be drinking soda that much anyway. Try water I don't drink a lot of soda. I have generally 6 "servings" of water daily. 6 8-ounce glasses) I also talked my coworker OUT of dumping those packets of "tea" into his water bottle. I said "just drink the water dude".
  9. Why the {censored} drink diet anything if you're not diabetic For the taste???? I don't think so "Can I have 2 Big Macs, large fries...and a diet Coke?" I hate that diet taste...but some people say they get used to it.
  10. I see where you're coming from now. That makes sense. I have to work much harder to sound good to myself when playing out of my Vypyr than when I'm playing through my Cobra. Glad you don;t have to rely on the Vypyr anymore!
  11. I would say that playing on a {censored}ty guitar and then moving on to a nice guitar has this effect but when I first got my Cobra I had to work on my chops so much more than when I was playing through my VS100. The guys around my area who play through Spiders and {censored} live just fall apart when they plug in to my Cobra. That's fine I know what you mean. There's certainly an adjustment period when you step up. When I got my first really good guitar, I was AMZED at how much better I got. It wasn't that it uncovered all my mistakes...but that I could do and hear all the things I wanted to do on it. It opened up the world to me. But I'm not talking about noobage here. I am talking very specific personal practice. We've all said it before. A really really good player can make a {censored}ty amp sound decent. Why? How? Because he knows what he has to do to get good tone out of it. He knows he can't just bash a drop D chord and expect to impress. Bash the same drop D chord on a Roadking into a 4x12 and you probably move the world slightly. Either way you look at it...you gotta practice. So do your best and work hard on whatever amp you have.
  12. I think it's easier to sound better through cheap, {censored}ty, amps than it is to sound good through a good high end tube amp. A 100w tube amp brings all your flaws right the hell out while a {censored}ty little amp will hide them. That's cool that you think that but I just don't buy it. I don't get your logic. I don't think many other people do either...as most of us spend a {censored} load of time and money on top gear so...why? So we sound better. Right? You heard it right here in this thread...."does not want {censored}ty amp". Some will often spend MORE time looking for "great gear" than actually practicing. A "{censored}ty amp" doesn't have the ability to instantly bring out all the nuances of your playing. You may call that "hiding". I call it burying you. So I have to work harder to coax good tone out of it. I have to concentrate on what and how I am playing...and not just show off what tremendously sick H-CAF approved tone I have. When I take it to my good amps...I instantly here how that concentrated effort has improved my playing. If you look at my football analogy...if you have two wide receivers of equal natural talent...the one that doesn't lift weights is gonna get his ass handed to him by the one that does. He's had to work harder and get stronger. A really good amp can sound stellar just strumming a D maj chord. A "{censored}ty amp" prolly leaves you a bit less inspired. You have to FORCE your will on it. You have to be more careful, creative and thoughtful. For me...it's too easy to get lost in the great tone if it's automatically there. I probably spend a few hours at least, every week on my old Harmony hollow body and lil red Guitar Research combo....just for old school bare bones practice. Weight training.
  13. I can't stand {censored} tone, even out of a small practice amp. No thanks. Ah...so you need the very best amps to make you sound half decent eh? I love my {censored}ty little amps. Instead of magical tone just effortlessly flowing out, it makes me work on my technique a little more. It's like weight lifting...makes you work a little harder so when you go to the real deal you really are that much better. Ideal for warmups and personal practice/excercises.
  14. Well...we have to admit, sirs...that sodas aren't particularly GOOD for you.....so lighten up on ol' Willy. I uesta drink a lot of Mt Dew up until about a year ago. Looking for alterantives I tried Lipton Raspberry Tea Mix. I thought it tasted like Kool-Aid, and when I wrote them to tell them so, they sai d"we're sorry you didn't like our tea..here's 4 free coupons". So I brew up regular tea and add the mix on top of it and it's pretty damn good now. Refreshing AND good for ya. Add a spot of vodka and good to go!
  15. I'm a player of many interests and guitars. One night I'm in a jazz fusion band with my hollow body, next night I'm in a cover band With a LP and strat-style. I need an amp/gear that will do many things. I need the peace of mind to have flexibility on stage, and amp footpedal switching is important to me...even though YES! I still use my guitar controls and technique. I also love to tweak. What does THIS button do with THIS guitar? How does it react when I do THIS! I see the value in a simple guitar amp. Just plug in and play. In fact...I fully subscribe to your theory of "get the best out of what you have in front (behind?) you". Which includes something like a JVM...right? I don't think you're being scientific enough.
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