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  1. I think my decriptions above is about all there is to say. I've used many preamps over the years, from the original Chain Reaction, GSP-21 Pro/2101, RP-2000/3 to name a few. There's a few problems with it; The "studio clean", single stomp box option, and lack of looper could easily be addressed, and are the ONLY reasons it isn't a full 10+. But it does offer the best in overall category. You'll need to experiment with what you use to amplify it, as some amps/rigs will sound better than others. Sometimes go in the front of an amp, other times in the return/powermp section. Experiment, don't just do what they told ya. Use the global switch. If you want a selection of very good amps (feel and tone), and a basic tool kit of useable effects, all in an easy to use throw down and go format...this is it.
  2. I can't imagine being negative about the speaker. I have quite a few lying around (I think I counted about 24 w/PA gear), so I have a lot to compare it to. The guy below with all the technical problems?...well...he COULD have a dud...or he could just be a know-it-all never pleased kind of guy too, the speaker seems very well made at a great price. I once bought a close-out Carvin for just a bit less and I ditched them IMMEDIATELY. I believe this speaker would serve you well in nearly any application in a low/mid watt combo, as well as bigger 2 and 4x12. The small dust cap is my only concern...only because I haven't seen this type. I know we over-value the cap...it can be smashed even punctured without a noticeable effect on your sound...so...might be nothing. Check an expert for that.
  3. I've been trying other amps...like the Mesa Single Rec, H&K Switchblade, VHT, and they just don't offer up the diversity I need. I use an old 64 Fender Twin, and it really adds that great tube tone and feel, not that it doesn't have SOME all on it's own. I've used it straight in to PA, but sounds best right in the front of a nice single channel NMV tube amp. I've even tried totally replacing it with the Rocktron Voodu Valve, which I love dearly. But I ALWAYS come back to the ToneLab SE for it's features and ease of use. It's got everything you'll need and then some. Plop it down, plug in and go. A really great unit. Important to find the right amp for it. Not saying it didnt; sound good with the VHT/Mesa?etc...but sounded best with the old Twin. May not be for EVERYONE....but if you want SOME options for tone and effects, and want a quick set up , rugged build, and a real close tube tone and feel, this is it. (PS, I've been using preamps for 25 years, since the early DOD Heavy Metal Pedal. This is the best real amp... NON-DIGITAL... sound and feel I have had.)
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