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What Percentage of Your Songs Are Slow


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  • What Percentage of Your Songs Are Slow

    How many of your songs would be considered "slow" songs.

    What style of music do you play?

    I would say we play 1 slow song per 8 fast. Most of our tunes are upbeat and we focus on how dance-able they are. We split up the set with one or two "breather" songs. A chance for the crowd to chill out.
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    I would love to have a list of recommended slow songs that work. I'd say the only three slow songs in our setlist are 'Santeria', 'Soul Sister', 'What's Going On'. We usually play 1 per night.
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      Right now, none. We play mostly rock from the 80s up.


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        we usually do 1 per set, but usually skip it in the set that is loaded with dance stuff.

        We rotate these around:

        At Last- Etta James

        Songbird- Eva Cassidy version of Fleetwood Mac song

        I Can't Tell You Why- Eagles

        Home- Michael Buble

        Every Time You Go Away- Hall and Oates

        I'll Be Around- Joan Osborn version
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          I'd say zero... the slowest tune we do is Santeria and that's not really a slow tune.

          We used to have a few in our set: Lonely no more- Rob Thomas, secrets-one republic, First Time- The Script and a few others but they always seemed to kill the mood we are after. So they didn't last long. I did think we did a great version of Lonely No More by again... killed the mood.

          Since OH started gigging in May 2010 We have been asked for a slow song a total of 1 time. It was a private birthday party we were playing. We didn't know it was also the lady's grandparents anniversary that day. So after we were told this 15 minutes before we started we improvised with a slower version of Just the way you are- Bruno Mars. it was sounded pretty good actually.


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            We typically do one a set ... maybe two if the crowd seems to want to head in that direction. We've got a pile of 'em ... and simply rotate them as we see fit. Here's our list of slow tunes:

            Fooled Around and Fell In Love - Elvin Bishop

            To Love Somebody - Bee Gees

            Still Got the Blues for You - Gary Moore

            Only the Lonely - The Motels

            Me and Mrs Jones - Billy Paul

            Eyes of Blue - Paul Carrack

            Hero - Enrique Inglesius

            Is This Love - Whitesnake

            Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye

            Love Look What You've Done To Me - Boz Skaggs

            Ooh Baby Baby - Smokey Robinson (Linda Ronstadt)

            Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers

            You're Beautiful - James Blunt

            Wherever You Will Go - The Calling

            I tend to look at slow tunes as a potential key to getting a dance floor going when playing to a crowd that seems glued to their chairs. If we've hit them with quality up-tempo material and they stay seated ... we'll often switch up and play a slow one. I never ceased to be amazed at how a well placed slow tune can fill the floor. Done right - once they're up, a speedy transition into a quality up-tempo tune will usually keep the majority of 'em. Slow tunes are a great way to prime the pump of a hard to start dance floor.
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              Quote Originally Posted by jeff42
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              ... the slowest tune we do is Santeria and that's not really a slow tune.


              We do about...one to two

              Maybe we typically throw one out a night, but the emphasis is largely on uptempo, and that's the lion's share for a reason, etc.

              Playing a wedding is a different story, of course.
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                This is interesting. We are a country band and generally play 2 ( what I would call ) slow songs per set. Many are are medium tempo/ 2 step songs. We have been asked many times to learn more slow songs. We are currently trying to put 3-4 slow songs per set and see how it goes. It must just be the difference with a country crowd.


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                  Quote Originally Posted by wheresgrant3
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                  I would love to have a list of recommended slow songs that work. I'd say the only three slow songs in our setlist are 'Santeria', 'Soul Sister', 'What's Going On'. We usually play 1 per night.

                  Hmmm. Santeria HAS got to be the crowd-pleaser out of those three.


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                    My Brothers,

                    The ratio is three fast, one slow. The jitter buggers like a slow break and it brings out the shy dancers. Keep the dancers happy....
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                      We have a few.

                      Home by Daughtry

                      Closing Time

                      Every Rose has it's Thorn

                      That's about it. We are a country/classic rock cover band.
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                        I wouldn't do more than a couple slow songs a night.....

                        To the guy who said Santeria is slow..WTF? We did it upbeat and it always packed the dance floor..


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                          80s-based pop-rock party band. The only slow song we play is "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", and we haven't played that one much recently.

                          Oh, and Santeria and Soul Sister are not even close to being slow songs if you play them as recorded.
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                            Hard rock cover band, and almost nothing is slow.

                            ".45" by Shinedown

                            "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi

                            "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

                            "Sober" by Tool could be debated as slow, but I don't think that's what the OP implied.

                            But yeah, even then, you need to let the crowd breathe. In between the heavy, faster, high-energy stuff, you need to slip in a chance to catch your breath.
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                              Very few. We primarily focus on keeping the music upbeat and danceable. These are the ones we rotate through when we do throw some out there:

                              Wonderful Tonight (still a popular song)

                              Imagine (again, surprising esp. due to the "and no religion too" line)

                              Your Man (great for couples dancing)

                              EDIT: Oops, forgot to add "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" to the list. I always play that one, I always enjoy playing it and it always goes over well. Nice to have songs like that in the mix.
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