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  1. Seminal rock band Sex Pistols are going to be featured in a limited television series bases on Steve Jones' memoir. I hope it is good. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/sex-pistols-limited-series-fx-steve-jones-memoir
  2. Good luck to them! https://www.musicradar.com/news/taylor-guitars-is-now-completely-owned-by-its-employees
  3. My 80's college rock band is gigging at our usual restaurant/bar about once per month since May. Seating is a little less than before and the usually packed dance floor is cordoned off. However, some do stand up and dance around their table. Band is getting same pay as before Covid-19. Played a private gig about three weeks ago that I was uneasy about but all band members are healthy. Oddly, few in the crowd wore masks. Cannot remember the month or year we last rehearsed. We just learn cover songs on our own, perhaps do a run through backstage or during sound check, then let it rip. M
  4. Did you get to use Pi in your calculation? At least you did not have to calculate the velocity of an unladen swallow! 🙂
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