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  1. My neighbor is a part owner of a local entertainment company. They book bands, dancers, firework shows, casinos, festivals, for local and very large national events. For bands, they want bands that look and act professional. When performing, he said bands should smile, interact with the audience, and act like they are having a good time. Looking sad, angry, or stone faced is not productive in getting first class gigs. Good luck!
  2. E, A, D, G, B, and E multiplied by every time I change strings. I cut them with wire pliers.
  3. First outdoor big name concert I attended featured L.S. and ZZ Top as the headliner on their "World Wide Texas Tour" in 1976.
  4. [QUOTE=guido61;n32529358] Do you guys camp it up at all? I’d totally dig seeing a Yacht Rock band wearing the sailors caps. I’d try to find some young hot girl to mix drinks on stage. Yacht Rock Meets Dean Martin. [/QUOTE] We do camp it up a bit. One guitarist wears a "Captain Steubing" cap, complete with ascot. Drummer often wears rayon shirt showing a few chest hairs. Women vocalists wear halter top type blouses. (We do play an ABBA song.) I usually wear a flowered shirt and sandals if the climate permits. We've only performed a few times.
  5. I am sure Siris did some market research and concluded that there was sufficient demand. In addition to my "80's college rock band", I am in a yacht rock band too. We play infrequently but the audiences seem receptive. As we are playing, most of the audience are singing or dancing. To each his\her own. Peace!
  6. Wearing a shirt on stage with your band's name or logo on it seems innocuous to me. We do it and Mick Jagger has done okay with his career wearing their logo on stage for many years. If your music is good, it probably will not matter what you are wearing.
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