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JBL JSX100 replacing OLD Peavey SP2s

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  • JBL JSX100 replacing OLD Peavey SP2s

    Rockin a 4pc cover rock band. Running a Carvin 16ch board with two power amps. One amp for mains and the other for monitors and have one JBL powered Sub with crossover.

    We mic the drums, guitars and bass goes direct. Three vocal mics. Fairly large sound. We play local bars. Medium rooms.

    The SP2s have been our work horses for years, but they are VERY OLD and we've had one repaired and now the other one is acting up a bit. It's due time for some new mains.

    Did some research and for the price point of around 250 each we went with the JBL JSX100s. They were delivered today and after unboxing I'm just not too sure. While the speaker is the same size the horn is a bit smaller. The over all box is smaller and there is only one input. The reviews I've read are very positive for these speakers, but my concern with just "looking" at them is that the just don't look "meaty" enough.

    They may be just fine, but again, my initial concern is that they are a smaller/daintier speaker. No corner protectors, smaller size, felt covering... MAYBE that's just the way the newer stuff is... more compact etc. The reviews I've read are all positive in terms of sound...some say that the highs are a bit too high, but you can EQ that down.

    I guess in the end, it just looks like a 250 dollar speaker. Do you get what you pay for here or would be just fine with these? Will they be enough or will we be peaking them out?? Should we increase our price point and go with something more meaty/better?

    (obviously, I'm not a true sound guy, so your input is welcome!)

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    Personally, I would have reloaded the SP2-'s with new drivers and had the crossover's checked out to make sure they are in good working condition. I just don't like the economy JBL speaker lines. I'd much rather have the SP2's with Black Widows in them over those JBL's any day o the week.
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    Originally Posted by agedhorse

    You can't bridge these amps (yay).


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      I suspect that you will not find much love for the JBL JRX series speakers here. With all due respect, I'd keep saving for something better. Mark C.
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        Nice sideways downgrade
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          Say what you will about SP2s - they are freaking loud! There's no way you're going to get the performance you're looking for (running everything through the mains in a rock band) with those light duty budget JRXs.

          Even way back when those SP2's cost around twice what you currently spent on those JRXs. You can't expect them to perform comparably.


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            If you're doing something to break those SP2's the JRX should burst into flames the first gig no prob .


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              I have had a ton of experience with the horrifyingly BAD JRX speakers for over a year. My original sound man used to use them and man are they some absolutely God-awful sounding cabinets. Muddy as hell vocals, no separation between voices, no separation between instruments or instruments and voices, and everything was just a big, jumbled mass of woofy low mid-range no matter how they were tuned and dialed in. Those speakers have absolutely zero clarity. My old JBL MR (not even MRX, but MR) cabinets sound WAY BETTER than the JRX's.

              I don't know what the Peavey speakers you have sound like, but I have heard good things about them and on spec, I can't possibly imagine the JRX's sounding even anywhere near as good, forget about better!


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                Where in the heck did you find a positive review on any of the JRX models???
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                  Quote Originally Posted by tlbonehead
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                  Where in the heck did you find a positive review on any of the JRX models???


                  I don't think even JBL would have the balls to post a "positive review" of the JRX line on their own site!


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                    I've owned a pair of JRX 115's for 6-7 years. They're not great. They get the job done, but that's about it. The highs are harsh IMHO and they diaphragm on the horn in susceptible to dying. We have 3-4 with us at all times as spares. We've had to change them twice at gigs. We can change one in 8 minutes if needed. Right now I'm saving up for some Yorkies to match our subs.