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New Behringer X32 models....

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  • New Behringer X32 models....

    I think Presonus just took another uppercut to the jaw.




    I'm actually really tempted to look at the X32 Producer -or- Compact for my home studio build project.
    Wonder what the price-point will be.  If it's $2k or under,  I'll be very keen on picking one up.

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    Yes they have some nice stuff coming out. There seems to be a bunch of mixers coming out in the sub $3000 range.


    The above looks interesting as well. Heard in may be in the $2500 range.

    Interesting times we are in.



    • ChiroVette
      ChiroVette commented
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      Right or wrong, for better or worse, here is the way I look at it: Maybe this is an amazing line and will herald a new era for Behringer where their gear isn't snickered at and bitchslapped across the sound world. Maybe their reputation for producing the worst of the worst gear on the market ends here, and the X32 is the proverbial line in the sand. Maybe their pairing up with (or buying) Midas is a great indication. Maybe a couple of years from now, the name Behringer will no longer conjure up automatic scorn and derision, but instead newfound respect. But you know what prevents me from buying into this mixer over, say the StudioLive?

      Do I really want to be the first group of people to take this particular leap of faith?

      And every single time I ask myself that, the answer is a resounding no. So I will not be a Behringer trailblazer and will be forced to sit in the sidelines and judge from a dostance whether or not their new gear is a flop or receives universal accolades from the sound community. And you know what else? I am fine not being one of the ones who takes that chance.

      Sorry, but in the end, one statement keeps running through my head over and over again: "It's ****************ing Behringer. NO WAY!"

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    That's why I won't bite.

    It's behringer. It kills me to use the Behringer FCB1010 I'm not expecting a long life, and I'm sure sooner or later it will **************** the bed. At that point ill run the lights on automatic scenes and pick up the $400 Roland MIDI foot controller, but the price was right at $160.

    If not sooner.


    • twostone
      twostone commented
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      If it were me I'd pass on the X32 and check out this mixer instead http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/global/en/products/mixers/01v96i/

      Yes it cost more but it's from a comapny that has long histroy of making relibale products unlike Behringer that has long history of making unreliable products. 

      Just my penny's worth of  thought

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    Nice. M
    I have a StudioLive 24.4.2 and a 16.0.2 the only time I've ever used 24 channels was at a small 2 day event. I'm looking to get a 1818VSL after they work out a couple issues.

    My next move up would be a GLD80, now that they finally have an iPad App. This year I'm focusing on more light upgrades, so I wouldn't be looking to move into another desk until next year I'm guessing.



    • Bobby1Note
      Bobby1Note commented
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      StratGuy22 wrote:
      Nice. M
      I have a StudioLive 24.4.2 and

      Speaking of StudioLive 24;4,2,,,, looks like a bunch of us owners just took a real beating in residual value. There's something like a $700. price-drop,,,,,, only on that specific model.

    • RoadRanger
      RoadRanger commented
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      StratGuy22 wrote:
      I'm looking to get a 1818VSL after they work out a couple issues.
      I have one - I'd not be holding your breath if I was you. It is only I/O - all the "mixing" is done in software your PC. IMO their lack of being up-front about that is at the least borderline dishonest. In any case they let the studio guys dictate the feature set - another design that was obviously never run by a live sound guy. It is so futzed up that I wouldn't be surprised if it was discontinued.

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    Cool story bro.

    Still not considering one. If anything the next move will be a GLD80.


    • RoadRanger
      RoadRanger commented
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      Sure would like to hear tenative price and availability on the iX16 .

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    Fader issues do not yet have a real world user track record over a period of time a user is likely to be concerned about... Ie. what's it going to be like 5 years down the road? Will the cost of replacing faders exceed the value of the console? Time will tell, I hope this part of the ownership experience has been thought through as part of the enhanced customer experience program that helps define the professional market.


    • RoadRanger
      RoadRanger commented
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      ^ This is why I'm most interested in the "faderless" models. I can own a spare iPad for WAY less than the "real" cost of a fader going teats up. (repair cost, having a rental mixer to use while that one is gone, etc.)

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    On the Behringer facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/BEHRINGER

    Behringer replied to a request on when the other X32 models would be availible.

    "Hey, whats up with the release of the other x32s? I want the rack one."

    Behringers reply

    "X32 RACK should be shipping June/July to be in stores in August/September."

    That is kind of wishey washey, but I am guessing we should be able to purchase one from Guitar Center by the 3rd week in August based on this and a few other comments I have heard.

    With Greater Knowledge Comes Greater Understanding


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      We think many the same things every time we get on a horse!


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        This is an easy question to answer... As it's pretty basic signal conditioning and transport engineering.

        No it is not possible to transmit dmx from the stage box analog I/O because its not an analog signal. Simplest mechanism for this is that the initial anti-aliasing filter would smother the ~250k serial data stream. That's before any A/D conversion.

        Could it be done? Certainly, but would involve both software and hardware changes to accomplish.