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  1. I believe this looks like an upgrade to the X/M32 line. More to add value and channel count to it. I know 40 Stereo inputs looks nice. I also heard rumors of more coming out in this line but time will tell. Looks like a loaded desk for $3500 retail.
  2. $3500 U.S. price (Retail) Pretty loaded for what it is.
  3. The new Behringer "Wing" console is out. I have some stage boxes so this may be interesting 😉 8 Midas PRO preamp inputs onboard8 Midas PRO output onboard24 100mm motorized faders in 3 separate, fully configurable sectionsPlug and play remote I/O144 input and output channels3 AES50 ports (based on KT SuperMAC)Captive touch screen main display with built-in swivelTouch sensitive channel editing section with 11 rotary controls and dedicated color TFTOptional module for 64x64 channels audio over Ethernet support Waves Soundgrid and Dante/AES6748x48 USB 2.0 audio interface onboard with DAW remote control (HUI & Mackie control)Dual SD card live recorder/player, up to 64 tracks with markersAdditional 4 channel control section with rotary controls , buttons and parameters display for permanent access to mains, matrices or "money-channels"Premium FX rack with 8 stereo processors based on TC , Lexicon, Quantec & EMT emulationsStandard FX rack with 8 stereo processors for wide array of modulation, EQ, dynamics, ...5 variable plugin processing slots per channel with vintage EQ and compressors40 stereo input channelsInsert FX slot and 4-band PEQ for each AUX channel8 stereo AUX channelsCustom control section with 16 buttons and 4 rotary controls4 main buses8 matrices16 stereo busesAll output buses have dual inserts, 8-band PEQ, stereo imager and full dynamics processing2 ethernet ports with integrated switch for remote controlExpansion port for optional audio interfaces, audio bridges, MADI, ADAT, ...StageCONNECT interface (32 channels)AES/EBU stereo in and out on balanced XLR8 balanced TRS AUX inputs8 balanced TRS AUX outputs2 TRS phone connectorsMIDI I/O4 GPIO ports3 year warranty
  4. Got it. So it wasn't " Feedback " as in a feedback loop between a microphone and monitor it was some ringing coming out of a damaged unit in a internal feedback loop inside. I had 3 Peavey Cex5 digital crossovers. Two of them suffered from "Tin Whiskers" Basically the Tin in the solder used to manufacture them was too high. They grew Whiskers and shorted the PC board. When they first started to go they let out a wine sound that got louder and louder. Not fun. Glad you found your issue! https://nepp.nasa.gov/WHISKER/background/index.htm
  5. I'm trying to wrap my head around how you can get feedback with all the channels muted. I'd swap each component out. Change the board, change the crossover, change the speakers. Could you describe the feedback, record it and host it on youtube etc.? Positive its from FOH and not monitors? I've seen mutes that mute the mains but leave the monitor system unmuted...Or check to see if the monitor system/FOH system somehow got swapped around by someone trying to "Help" you ..
  6. The manual shows it has 2 , XLR outputs that should have L , R Main out labeled on them. Should be on the top, right corner just above the headphone jack. https://assets.peavey.com/literature/specs/116919_13044.pdf
  7. If the stage is high enough place the SP2 upside down on top of the sp1 to better couple the horns. Have the horn drivers inside as close to the same plane up and down as possible. ( Forward to Back )
  8. I had the sp1"split" ( MFx-1 and FH-1 sub) Something that sounded good was FH-1 sub - SP2A-Mfx-1 horn on top. The whole load was 4 ohms and they sounded , for what they were , pretty good. This was in the late 80's , early 90's. Seen in this 1991 brightened picture. The box was a SP1 split by someone and the crossover out to feed to the sub was in the horn box.
  9. I like the IG4T's enough that I picked up a set of IG2T's to go with them for side,front fill or even a delay stack. A smaller speaker with about 2/3 dbs less output. Sound is very good! Doug
  10. Had to search and change my bookmark but I found my way here. Everyone else make it? Glad to see the whole site is up! Doug
  11. Rather than wade through and rewrite the same thing I thought I'd just leave a link. https://forums.prosoundweb.com/index...PX4ni9986X7JT0 Douglas R. Allen
  12. Not sure where your located but if in the USA some states have a 90 day replacement guaranty policy. This supersedes any company guaranty. If they sold it to you in your state they have to follow the rules your state has as far as return policy. I think a 3 month delay for repair is way too much and they should issue you a new one. Doug
  13. I don't know if the racks XLR's are setup on 1 PC board or in sections of 8 but it sounds like a possible ribbon problem. Could be xlr's 17-24 are on their own PC board and a ribbon cable interconnects them with the others. If its under warranty send it in before attempting to fix it yourself . If not then open it up and try reseating the ribbon cable (S) that feed 17-24.
  14. 1. You've been mixing more than 35 years or so. Check 2. You have a X32. Check When I said you went to digital I meant for your Sub Mixer and not a lot of money meaning buying a proper Router etc. 3. Your an Electrical Engineer for a long time. Check You purchased the Yugo of wireless mixers that everyone on the web has stated here and elsewhere for years that the built in WIFI isn't any good and yet you trusted it for a mission critical job. It sounds like it worked fine for a few gigs yet failed this 1 time (I'm guessing) and now its not a good product. Although I don't have a paper in a frame I've done a few Heath kits and been around electronics for a few years. ;-) There's no way I'd go out with any digital rack mixer and trust its built in WiFi. Common sense and experience wouldn't let me do that. I've been mixing wireless for some time now with yamaha and midas products. No issues. For someone who has been developing communicating products for years and with all your other experience I'm surprised you trusted such a entry level product with known questionable built in WiFi. Sorry you have had bad luck with it. I'm betting if you picked up a external router or better you'd have great luck but I understand that is one more step to frig with and takes up space so its not what your looking for. There is the X32 Rack as I'm sure you know that has accessible controls on front but it is a step up in price. I haven't looked in the used market for one but there may be some at a reasonable price. Regardless now that you have it I'd pick up a low cost router and maybe give it another try in not such a high profile show. You may end up liking it. Also it doesn't sound like you were using every input on the mixer. Maybe setup a few channels for "spares" so if this came up again you could swap channels out. I realize it would be a Hot Swap and you may have to ask the FOH to mute your send for a moment but it may get you through until you picked up a analog sub mixer. Doug
  15. Your original post is below. I've been mixing more than 32 years.... As with everything in life there is no free ride. If you don't feel ready to move to digital at least you found out without spending a lot more money. Taking the time to learn how to properly use WIFI and using the right equipment isn't rocket science but you should do what of course works for you and your setup. Let us know what you end up with. Kindest Regards Doug Doug '''''' I use a XR12 in my guitar rack to pre-mix all of my various instruments (electric, steel-string, mandolin, etc.). I use my phone to connect to it with the xAir app, which has always worked just fine. I do the same thing with my X32, and have never had a problem with it. Last night, I showed up at the gig and the WiFi refused to connect. After a couple of resets, I finally got the WiFi to connect, but halfway through the app connecting to the console, it disconnected again and refused to reconnect. After multiple rounds of power cycling and resetting to no avail, I finally gave up. Trouble is, I had my mandolin channel muted and had no way to turn it on. The show was sold out, so I assume that there were a lot of devices in the audience...but that's no different than in many previous gigs. Two questions: 1) Any idea of the root cause, and is there a way to fix it? 2) Does anyone have a work-around? Once the show starts, I cannot dig into the back of the rack and try to make repairs, and without a physical interface I am backed into a corner if I need to make an adjustment. (I do a lot of theater work, so I cannot just stop and take a break or delay the start of the performance.) HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I don't know. Set a router on the top of your rack. Plug it in and connect the cat cable. Not that hard. As far as a wifi analyzer it looks for other "Routers" in your area and the channels they are using. If there is 3 routers in the club your working in and they are all on channel 3 as an example then if your close to one of them and it has more power than the wifi in your mixer it will interfere with your communication. Just find a free or low use channel and change your router to that channel. Take a look at WIFI Analyzer. Its a free android app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.wifi.analyzer&hl=en_US Doug
  17. The Dave Rat Super Sub does a good job as well. https://www.google.com/search?channel=tus&q=dave+rat+super+sub&tbm=isch&source=univ&client=firefox-b-1-d&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwizwpSsiufhAhXnRt8KHQ1hAoIQsAR6BAgJEAE&biw=1920&bih=928
  18. Something like this would still slide the long way into a cargo van. https://www.danleysoundlabs.com/products/subwoofers/specialty-subs/dts20/ Or this. https://www.danleysoundlabs.com/products/subwoofers/tapped-horns/th50/ How Big, how loud, and how low do you need to go. Do you have a Semi tractor trailer or a Honda Civic?
  19. Glad everything worked out for you. Instrument placement I know helps a lot with the kind of band your working with. It also helps them with hearing themselves and they may find they turn down some as a added benefit. I cut my teeth if you will with Peavey Sp2's. I had the Sp1's Sp2,Sp2A,Sp2Ti,Sp2Xt,Sp2g,Sp1G also Peavey QWave 1 tops and a few more. Also have owned Peavey FH1's , FH2's subs, 118 Internationals, RBS2, DTH218b and many other Peavey subs. The Sp2's , depending on model , have a power range they like to live in. Also cutting 100hz and below out of them gives them more headroom and more wattage to use where you need it. Rooms always sound different when empty compared to when the room is full. If when the crowd fills in and you have a little headroom in the amp running the tops you can always turn the top amp channel up if it still sounds balanced with the subs. Sounds like your headed in the right direction and will continue to give the band great sound. Have fun with the band; Doug
  20. Mic the guitar amps as you normally would. In this case the base amp had a DI between it and the amp being used for the Bass Guitar.
  21. Yes you have it right. The SP2's plugged into the Hi Pass ( Just the Highs Pass through ) and the subs plugged into the side that Subwoofer is selected on. Remember Sound Reinforcement is just that. Add what is not loud enough for the room. If their instrument amps are loud enough on stage then they don't need to be in the speaker system. If their amps are small enough size wise have them on the floor in front of them pointed up at them. It helps keep the volume down. If that won't work do what you can to get them to put the amps on the Left / Right sides of the stage again pointed in at them. The less that is going out to the front crowd area the better. Of course keep it fun and keep the vocals on top if at all possible. Doug A picture of guitar amps pointed at the band. This is a small room setup. 2 EV SXA250's and a single Yorkville LS801pb
  22. My current average room system. Midas M32R side of stage while mixing in the room on a tablet. Ingenia IG4T's for mains and center clustered Yorkville LS801pb subs.
  23. Also it sounds like you have the SP2G?
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