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  1. The monitors were off at the time and was just FOH and as Andy mentioned the filter was the problem. I do have a on screen RTA with both GEQ or PEQ option to cut for both monitors and FOH. That's why it was strange feedback problem. Normally with my on screen RTA any FB I can identify and kill it on the spot. However that wasn't the case.
  2. Well Andy that's the problem the filter must have gone bad causing the feedback. I've since replaced my old Rane x-over with new DBX and problem solved. So from what I was told, it is true that crossovers with bad parts can cause feedback. Although heard it's rare but it does happen. Appreciate your input Andy, and yes it's been awhile since I've been on here and lot has changed since I've been on here.
  3. Can a crossover create feedback if the caps are going bad ? lately with all the channels muted on my fairly new PreSounus Series 3 mixer I'm getting FOH feedback only. I was told the feedback might be caused by bad capacitors in my Rane crossover. Just wondering if this could be true and possible.
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