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New Hammond clones SK-1 and SK-2


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  • New Hammond clones SK-1 and SK-2

    New Hammond clones SK-1 and SK-2. Let the bitching begin:

    "Danny, ci manchi a tutti. La E-Street Band non e' la stessa senza di te. Riposa in pace, fratello"

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    How very Nordish


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      How very Nordish

      Haha - exactly what I thought!
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        For those who want a picture, here you go.

        Too many keyboards, not enough music.


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          Sweet Jeebus



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            Sick. Totally sick. Finally a legit Nord-killer. Do want. Only thing is...there's no mod or pitch wheels, which was why I always loved the XK so...being able to control the speed of the leslie is really really cool (even if totally unrealistic).

            Still this thing is awesome. Funny how it shares the name of the famous Casio sampler.


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              It is 4/1/11...is this for real? If it is I'll buy one.
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                It's a real product, you can see a vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-vy9QJmFMw

                As a Nord user becoming a bit bored with the Nord C1 modeling, I'm really excited to try this Hammond out. It's so light!


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                  Agreed. Finally something that will actually challenge Nord.....it's about time. I'd love to know how much this thing is going to cost. Any guesses what the price tag will be?

                  As someone who's always coveted a C2 quite lustily for awhile now, if the price is right on this thing i'd hit it in a second. Just need to hear more.

                  So far, sounds are really good though !!!


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                    Wonder if this will be priced around the same as the Electro 3? Thoughts? I'm guessing since it's a single manual with apparently the same function... Much cooler drawbars...and well it's not...Red...

                    Early guesses on pricing?


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                      I read $1500 price (MSRP, street, who knows). If it sounds good and only weighs 15 pounds they will sell a ****************load of them.

                      Nice vid...but does it also have a Rhodes sound? MIDI? Hmm...
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                        Ooh, a fella could velcro that to the top of his midiboard....
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                          I owned an electro 2 and loved the electric pianos and clavs. They were my fav's of any keyboard until now. One thing I never got into was the Nord organs, even the C2.

                          I do not claim to even be an organ player so this is based on what I have heard others do.

                          The performances on the XK-1 and 3C just seem more authentic. I truly believe it is the combination of the hammond look, sound, and drawbars. These new boards have that hammond look and sound now with great elcetric pianos and clavs. The acoustic piano sounded a bit tinty but totally serviceable. It even goes under your arm and in the back seat of your car. This could be a nice in between for piano--organ players in tight spaces; add a 61 rompler or synth on top and look out, instant pro rig.

                          I bet these new babies would fit nicely in a Nord bag. lol


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                            It looks so small and compact, I kinda wished they'd have put strap button on the sides and let it run on batteries. Tell me that wouldn't be the coolest keytar ever...
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