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Who do you guys use for shipping?


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  • Who do you guys use for shipping?

    I've had problems before, with both FedEx and UPS.

    UPS seems to have been getting better though. I hear a lot of bad things about FedEx lately.

    I'm sure this video that is going viral will cause them to look at how their drivers are trained...

    And yes, that is a computer monitor he's just throwing over a 7 foot fence! Uploader comments:

    "Here is a video of my monitor being "delivered". The sad part is that I was home at the time with the front door wide open. All he would have had to do was ring the bell on the gate. Now I have to return my monitor since it is broken."

    Who do you guys use for shipping?

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    I looked up the Youtube user and he's from the US, by the way.


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      I use UPS, mainly because they're most convenient for me. I don't have any complaints, but then it's not like I do a ton of shipping.
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        UPS. i get a lot of packages for work, so my guy knows me and i know that at least the delivery portion of my package experience will be handled well. the rest i cannot speak to, but all the major shippers will mess things up sometimes. for those who don't ship a lot it's a crapshoot, but it helps to make friends with your driver so you can at least avoid situations like the one above.



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          US Post Office if it's small enough to fit into a Flat Rate box.

          UPS is my next choice, I will use FedEx if buyer insists.
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            So.... my company ships A LOT. Normally is ok, however.....

            last week we ship a small package to another office (less than 2 hours travel) When the recipient opened the package, there was nothing inside. The inner compartment that contained the package was torn, and the item was stolen. So basically, it was an inside job at the parcel carrier. As they were the only ones in possession until it was delivered at the other office. WTF?


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              We're really only talking about one true prof shipping company here, the guys with the blue and orange unforms do not even play in the same league, drivers are not trained, they can't even find my house, change drivers continually. They crunched my last keyboard parts rolling around inside even though it was wrapped with 5 layers of bubble wrap, peanuts and then styrofoam panels, they must have tried very hard dumped it on its end from 10 feet? I had to fight for a couple months to get them to pay off the insurance. I am convinced none of their people even know what the hell there doing not just the drivers! UPS on the other hand handles everything extremely well and their people have worked for them for years, my driver as long as I can remember. No choice to me its clear cut, UPS and forget the rest!!


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                I use FedEx Ground, which is usually the cheapest, especially since I send packages from a FedEx hub.

                If you are close to a FedEx Kinkos (copy shop) you can send FedEx ground through them. I avoid UPS Package stores since they are privately owned and the owners jack up the prices higher than if you ship via a UPS Hub.


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                  I happen to drive right past a major UPS hub on my way to work, so YAY for me. There's also a privately-owned UPS store in my local shopping center that's run by quite possibly the most friendly and helpful folks I've ever seen. It's quite refreshing, really.
                  Hurrr. Derp, derp, derp.


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                    Sure go with Fed Ex and save a few bucks that makes sense, I did and look what I ended up with a smashed keyboard, handled by the gorillas. Sure they don't want to provide their own shipping centers so they use Kinko's to save money, let a second party handle your valuable sound equipment and let them let it sit around for awhile until a driver picks it up, makes alot of sense to me all to save a buck! I shipped a keyboard to Canada once and after it sat 3 days in the Fed Ex facility where I dropped it off I inquired why it hadn't moved yet?? Well you didn't fill out a tariff duty ship out of the country form, well you couldn't tell me that when you weighted it and I payed for the shipping?? Next day it didn't move either, their customs guy was sick that day!!!!


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                      I've had pretty much the same bad experiences with UPS, USPS, and Fed Ex alike. I've received packages that were so broken up, with contents damaged or destroyed, that it's become clear they literally couldn't care less. The level of apathy of their delivery people is really astounding.

                      And yes, it HAS gotten worse in recent years.

                      In one two-year period alone, I had 4 packages "lost" by the US Postal Service. They acknowledged that the packages disappeared in transit and were never delivered, and they made no real effort to locate them. Then they tried to stonewall and delay when I filed insurance claims, and didn't even want to refund the shipping costs.

                      So I will NEVER have another synth shipped by any of the existing carriers.
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                        That poor customer is really a hero for posting that vid so that the world sees it. Uploaded just yesterday and already over a million views. Awesome. The more people [us basically, the customers] see it, the more in trouble those turds will be. What an effing arse that FedEx guy is

                        I agree with Zoink in that they're all the same. I truly believe that it depends 100% on the kind of person who handles the package. It is PURE luck whom that deliverer will be in the case of each of us, the customers.

                        I can't believe some people have zero ethics in their jobs... and still have jobs.
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                          I usually get the people to deliver the stuff I buy right to my front door
                          i like palin.
                          i think she would rattle some cages and that's what america needs.
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                            Good ol' FedEx

                            Response from John from American Musical Supply on why I have received 2 used/damaged Korg M3's and 1 reboxed M3 from Guitar Center (a.k.a. why I'll never buy from AMS again): Footfall wrote:What you're experiencing with these units is the result of our warehouse crew intentionally "overpacking" this product.Current Korg Gear: KRONOS 88 (4GB), M50-73 (PS mod), RADIAS-73, Electribe MX, Triton Pro (MOSS, SCSI, CF, 64MB RAM), DVP-1, MEX-8000, MR-1, KAOSSilator, nanoKey, nanoKontrol, nanoPAD 2


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                              I almost always use UPS. At my work we send and receive packages quite often. The packages I ship for work are almost always more expensive and more fragile than vintage analog synths. The only issue I've ever had in the past several years is that an overnight package was delayed by a couple of days.

                              I've heard lots of horror stories about UPS/FedEx/USPS and I don't doubt them. But from my experience UPS is great.
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