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  1. I've got some of his CD's gotta go play em give em a shot!
  2. Yanni man I think he is like Andre Rieu has his own orchestra never mind a keyboard doesn't need it when you got the violinist in your hand plus the rest of the orchestra too plus great soloists! Andre who will be the next question, Andre who??! He is unbelievable for my violin I'm gettin the S90XS Yami Yani!
  3. A used piano now thats a thought. Actually this is not a keyboard its a real piano now, looks like one sounds like one! Roland actually did that in one of their marketing ads!
  4. No you don't understand. Veneer plywood, big difference. A cabinetmaker today uses materials other than solid hardwoods because of the high cost. Looks like solid wood after its been edge banded or you put a stip of sold wood pinned onto the edge and route it. Even solid pine is expensive now due to China buying up all our wood. A lesson in woodworking 101.
  5. No I have not made any just yet for myself but will most likely since it stays in the home and would look alot nicer housed in something. However I have been looking for something to build and an opportunity to make some money utilizing my skill and trade as a cabinetmaker. Maybe go into mass production if there is a market for something like this. Sides and top will be a nice veneer plywood, banded so it looks like solid wood and curved and routed so it will be a piece of furniture complementing what you allready have in the room.
  6. Yea they love using particle board cause it cheap. Now they have OSB which is a good product but no finish on it. Plywood is heavy and so shipping would kill ya and of course you gotta keep it cheap especially in this wonderful economy we inherited from Bush!
  7. Well I don't see anyone doing it and I think its a nice complement to it and makes it look more like a real piano sitting in the living room.
  8. I am a musician but also a cabinetmaker. If I were to offer and make in my cabinet shop a wood keyboard stand made out of a nice veneer cherry, maple, oak or birch plywood and then stain or paint it would anyone buy it? Would there be a market for this? Possibly something you would leave in the home and have it as a piece of furniture rather than the stupid rack we put em on!
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