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  1. RE: Future of the hardware synth - i'm not sure why anyone would get the impression that hardware is dead in 2015. did anyone pay attention to NAMM this year? i checked HC KSS during this year's NAMM, and i don't think many of you even realized it was going on which is really a shame. There has never, ever been more synthesizer hardware for sale. In any time in history. are Romplers and rack mount synthesizers dead? well, yes - many of the professional users of those products have moved on. not shedding a great many tears for those products, but who knows - 90s digital could be the next big craze. i think that the 'gigging keyboardist' market is much smaller than it used to be, while those of us making electronic music is much larger - hence the fall of the mighty workstation. and how many advancements can be expected when the end user just wants more of the same sounds repackaged into the next generation of product? the industry will follow the $$$. modular is obviously huge, analog is obviously huge, and hybrid software-hardware solutions are huge. the rest of the music tech market is well serviced by legacy products, and i don't see much future for workstations/stage pianos. YMMV.
  2. the guitarist i jam with actually got me into playing drum machines through my guitar pedalboard and into an audio looper. just a matter of triggering the sounds individually and adding layers into the loop. doesn't sound like a real drummer to me necessarily, but i've been getting really interesting rhythms that i certainly wouldn't have gotten out of the built in sequencer. very autechre. that said, i think for the sort of music that uses live drums, i don't feel that unquantized recording is a good stand in for a drummer - maybe for a scratch track or something. just my opinion.
  3. lil baby avatars! when my bookmark stopped working i thought this place was gone for good. glad to see that's not the case.
  4. i've got no experience with the circuits you've listed, but reading through the link provided for the VCA at least it seems to be expecting 0 to +5v unipolar, so anything with a +5 output will work well, the +10 outputs shouldn't damage anything but will have a reduced range of control, and the +/- 2.5 bipolar LFO output will only open the VCA up halfway. unless there's a particular attachment you have to those designs, i'd look for a more modern kit or build. check out the DIY section on muffwiggler.com/forum . i go to http://synthcube.com/cart/ for my DIY PCBs and panels, lots of interesting projects to build. Euro has overtaken MOTM and Frac as the most popular DIY format, so that's worth planning around as well if you don't mind the form factor.
  5. i thought, surely some kind of joke right? no what the heeeeeeellllllll
  6. I need something with at least 2 mic pres, line or direct ins, midi I/O and capable of 24 bit. USB or firewire it does not matter. anyone? make me some offers. MIDI I/O is not absolutely necessary.
  7. New from roland: the roland 4 featuring higher operating ceiling, increased countermeasure penetration and enlarged shaped charge. maybe the army will finally decide to mount it up with the m109: your roland may put out phat pads, but mine puts out phat warheads
  8. i'm not sure if it will be the same with your system, but with mine i've noticed that using different sound cards/audio interfaces will affect the speed of my mixdowns. i can render much faster with an 828 or even my USB interface (tascam 122 i think) than i can with the stock apple soundcard. i can't explain it, but it's true. something to consider.
  9. never thought i'd say something so hackneyed, but . . . cocaine's a helluva drug.
  10. Seems like the MPX-1 goes for under $500 used. Is it worth it? 'bout any lexicon is worth the price they go for, new. or at least i'd say. they seem to do a wonderful wonderful job with their lower-end products. before you invest, i'd look at a. how many channels you'll need simultaneously and b. what effects _specifically_ you're after. if you're just going for spatial effects you can save some kaching and buy a lower MPX.
  11. its even cooler when you can listen to mp3s of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HINT
  12. That's not very nice. I have already made apologies to those who deserved one and I've been asked to be more tolerant of the idiots who make up 95% of this board. I have done that and I hold no grudges. i believe you called me an 'internet scammer' for no good reason not to long ago. considering that was the first time we've ever crossed paths, i'm pretty sure that wasn't a justified statement for you to make.
  13. Didja get that thing I senctha?! ahahaha, the hippopautamous. that's not how its spelled, but thats how i wish it was spelled
  14. yes, that suprises me as well. those tweeters would sound gooder than hell coming out the back of my truck-boat-truck
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