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forum exodus?

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  • forum exodus?

    i myself have not been visiting. is it this particular forum, or just a "phase" in synth-related things?

    and where has everybody gone to ? GS & KVR ? 

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    I've been at gear sluts.  It's pretty busy over there.


    Love how royally guitar center **** up this place.  It's practically a ghost board at this point.

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    • triton76
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    zzzxtreme wrote:

    and where has everybody gone to ? GS & KVR ? 


    Those don't even have keyboard-specifc boards, do they?


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      I have found that Music Player's Keyboard Corner is a decent place to hang out.  It is more for "players", while GS has a definite slant toward electronic music.

      I still pop in here, though, hoping that someday others will return and KSS will become more than a shadow of its former self.


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      • plaid_emu
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        I'm going to be honest here and not sugarcoat it this time, in the hopes that someone in charge might actually read it:

        This forum interface is whack. Non user-friendly and very unintuitive. Just plain sucks. I think bulding your own synths in Reaktor is probably easier than navigating this trainwreck. It's like a 14 step process just to post a picture.

        What exactly was wrong with the old forum software structure?

      • craigwer
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        keybdwizrd wrote:
        It is more for "players"


        how to be a player


        i have also been focusing more on this

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      I remember the forum had always been fine. The first upgrade caused lag when trying to open the forum, or thread. The upgrade took days too long.

      Im actually 'ok' with the current system. Too bad the other guys quit. Always fond memories here. Just that I am having a mid life crisis and started riding park bmx and having helluva fun.

      Will give Music Player a try.
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      • cbentley
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        zzzxtreme wrote:

        Im actually 'ok' with the current system. Too bad the other guys quit. Always fond memories here. Just that I am having a mid life crisis and started riding park bmx and having helluva fun.


        Glad to know I'm not the only one! After taking a break from ramp/flatland riding back in the early 90's I built up a bike last year and have been hitting up the parks! While I still look fairly young, all the kids get a kick out of the fact that I'm still at it at 44 years old. It just feels so good to be doing it again. Have fun with it and enjoy yourself! 


        Definitely not much going on in this forum anymore although I can't say much since my contributions were minimal at best. I tend to hang out at GS and Muffwiggler, especially since I built up a modular not long ago. Also for the recording gear interested, there is a new forum at realgear.freeforums.net. Something tells me he would put up a keyboard/synth category if someone led the charge.

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      Maybe the rise of DAWs has something to do with it. Not so many playing keyboards. But as has been pointed out, the change in format hasn't helped. I had a lot more posts than it says but they lost everyone's details in the first changeover. It was very lively when I joined but after a couple of years people started drifting away and were replaced by new guys with different views so more people drifted away. The changes in technology made a difference. Who wanted to hear about old keyboards when new ones were coming out. Can't keep buying new keyboards just to keep up with the other guys. My PSRs are long in the tooth now but still play well, but who wants to hear about them? As it was, I spent a lot of time defending them, hence the "Lone Arranger". I have a Kronos so I'm up to date as they are still selling but what happens in a couple of years? It'll be the new thing that everyone raves about. Mind you, there was just a post about a Wavestation and that brought a few guys out of the woodwork.
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      • cresshead
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        the forum upgrade and the weeks/months it took to get workable killed off a lot of people in the downtime, i visit here still but it's not as active as it used to be for sure.

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      Gearslutz has an electronic music section, but no dedicated keyboard section.
      Keyboard corner is more for the gigging keyboardist.
      And KVR is for softsynths.
      Gearslutz and KVR have too much traffic to get personal, but can be useful when looking for information (if you're willing to sift thru the noise).
      This place lost its focus and went more towards the rompler/workstation end.

      This place had several mass die-offs/leavings in the last 10 years or so.
      The format changes drove a lot of people out, and the new censorship is causing more to leave.

      Every place has its day, and this one's has passed, I think.


      • zoink
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        I suppose it doesn't help that there hasn't been much exciting news in synths lately.

        What made this forum fun in the past was the crowd that it drew.  Even when there wasn't much to talk about relating to synths, there was always Hai Guyz, etc. 


        But what happened here is positive proof that if you shoot an animal five times, run it over, and then drop it off a cliff, eventually it will die. 

        Nice job, Harmony Central.


        If you've ever seen the film "Casino," the plight of this forum reminds me of the scene where Joe Pesci and his brother are beaten by rival gangsters with baseball bats.  At one point he's pleading with them because his brother is still breathing .... and then they finish him off.

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      Its not just the keyboard forum here on Harmony Central that has seen an exodus. They all have. The electric guitar forum here which used to get a pretty high volume of traffic daily has slowed way down since the recent problems and format change over. Before this, you would have to at least get 3 or 4 pages into the forum before you got to the previous day's posts, while now, the front page can contain posts from 3 days ago. It seems to be building back up slowly, but its a shadow of what it used to be. Its too bad - I like Harmony Central and will continue to remain active here, but it seems like a lot of forumites have left for good with the recent changes. However, to end on a positive note - one thing I have noticed is that the forums have been more focused with less off-topic posts and flame wars between forumites.


      • Ghostpaw
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        Maybe the last few posts are on to something. Perhaps many posters simply outgrew the focus here and the upgrades were a trigger for something that was already going to occur (though slower). It has been slow here but a lot of the negativity is gone as well. And I'm no longer afraid to check the forums in a public setting. New people are showing up looking for advice. It can be a useful forum again.

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      I wonder if younger people today aren't involved in synths and portable keys.  It's a lot of work to be a talented keyboard player, and much more involved in understanding the synth programming.  There seems to be many aspiring players going the traditional classical training route, which I would not expect to see in this forum, but the effort inovlved in rock keyboards is pretty daunting.  


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      • Bernard
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        I really feel if we had applied patch equalization to this Exodus, we could have controlled forum frequency response.

        Better linear filters needed to moderate and tailor the frequency content

        Equalization may also be used to eliminate unwanted sounds, make certain members or voices more prominent, enhance particular aspects of KSS's tone, or combat feedback (howling) in this public internet address forum

        We could even employ Paramedic equalizers to provide more specific compensation or alteration around a chosen forum frequency. This may be used in order to control a resonance of new membership to avoid forum death



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      Bernard is high again!
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