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  1. 1. Noodling drummers - I can't critique the song we just practiced cause of the incessant bingy-bangy-boom-boom-tiddle {censored}. 2. Not crazy about non-band members in attendance. 3. Just went to a "jam" where their band split up and two of us went to check it out. Drove me nuts! Guitar so loud my ears hurt, and boosted hi-freq EQ was like daggers... singing with mouth on the mic... it kills me when people want to do songs and don't fill you in on the chords; I'm no savant but rocking right into a song and not talking about the chords or structure...do they think I know every song in the universe???? Now my question is... what do I say when they invite me back? I hate to offer criticism so do I just say I'm busy?
  2. My band is stagnant right now and I was thinking of doing a solo keys/custom song sets/drum pad/vocal thing. If I could watch some promo vids (ie, someone post some links to their promo) of people doing that it may encourage me to move forward with my idea.
  3. Nice... altho there was't much feedback, that is a nice rig... pretty much what I was thinking of building in my sketches, but wasn't sure of the final product. I'll have to look for those adapter leads so I can use a smallish power strip. My only other thoughts would be 1. a hinged unit so they could fold into each other for protection, or 2. a board that would hang down from the stand to the floor and have the power items mounted to it... maybe put the band logo on the outside?
  4. Posted in a different forum but i'll ask here also... I've seen posts of pedal boards for keys and am going to build one, but the other big issue is the power management... i need a power strip that can handle the wall warts and sideways 9v plugs. I found a strip that does pretty good (Fellows 99091)but it's not an inline strip. Then I thought I could build a skirt for the Z stand and mount the power utils to the back and maybe attach it to the pedal board so it can fold up for travel. How do you manage your power and pedals? I have 2 keyboards, rotary pedal, mixer, lighting, vocal pox, and unpowered sustain and volume pedal. Since I do some benefit shows for only an hour, I want to plug the power in, plug in the stuff on the boards, and play... not spend 20 mins untangling wires.
  5. When you gig or play out, do you setup your keyboards for mono or stereo output?
  6. yeah, for a quick one hour set, i want to bring as little as possible... usually no stage monitors. I can try the headphones but i was more curious if anyone has tried headphones or if they just bring their own monitor.
  7. a bit big to haul just to monitor my sound... maybe not. I also have an older Behringer 90W keyboard amp that would work also.
  8. We've done a few gigs for charity where we play for an hour and just take our instruments and use the opening/ending band amps and FOH sound. I usually just take one keyboard, a light stand, and seat to make things easy. The prob is I can't hear my keys thru the FOH very well when i get stuck behind the speakers and/or next to the drums. If I turn myself up so i can hear well, then i'm louder than the rest of the band on the FOH. What do you do in those situations??? Do you use a smaller monitor for yourself that you feed out of the R output? or use earplugs/headphones? Just wondering what works or what you have tried?
  9. this is what i ordered. We don't play out much, so no trailer needed... just put the trunk, monitors, subs, keys+ stands in the pickup. Cheaper and more adjustable than the workhorse. Thanks for the ideas.
  10. not really enuf room to sit on the PX... and I use a mini-mixer with it as well for backup mics and the iPad. prob is a not good idea for playing out since it may get bumped, but it is fine for our practice room... I made a shelf for it to sit on, and if I build/fab a lightweight rack for it and add something for my iPad holder, it may work out... i'm pretty good at building custom stuff... edit 1: and this got me thinking.. i don't have a case to haul the smaller items... fx boards, mics, mixer, pedals, power strips, etc. I should build/mod something like a road case with padding and sections. edit 2: I found a trunk i can use to haul the equipment... but kind of klunky for sitting next to me on stage. I looked at DJ laptop tripod stands and that seems like a good option.
  11. Thx... I don't need a rack. It would be nice if I had wireless transmitters and IEMs, but we are a budget dad-band using only a mixer. I'm liking the music stand option for now, altho the manhasset stands don't go down very low... maybe there's a lower stand out there... that would be perfect for now.
  12. Right now I have a small table that i set my mixer on. We only need the one mixer, and since I play keys and the only one that can hook everything up and control it, it sits next to my keyboard setup when playing out. I thought of mounting it to a larger board to hang on the side of the keyboard stand, or have a wall mount for it... some way of hanging it vertically to take up less space. Anyway, I'm looking for ideas and to ask what other small bands do if they only use a mixer and don't need a rack... the mixer is setup for our fx, compression, etc so we just plug into it and send the 2 outs to foh powered speakers. I like keeping things simple... having a table and mixer sitting on it is kind of a pain... and since 95% of our playing is in our practice space, we need all the room i can get, and able to tweak a setting if needed.
  13. I have one of those... i used it for my keyboards when starting out. For starting on a budget, I'd recommend like a Behringer 550W B212D powered speaker for a little over $200, or even a B215D. Then either buy another one of those or a powered sub, if you are doing that kind of music. You may find a used one on ebay for less. If you are going to play larger venues, then by all means you will need 2 1000W speakers and prob a sub.
  14. it is a great way to start cheaply! I bought parts for a DM5 many years ago and still have a nice custom built set. some advanced features are not available, like cymbal choking and others, but it has many different sounds and will teach him some midi and electronics if he gets into it... and he will learn he doesn't have to beat the crap out of the drums to get good sound... many drummers just don't get it.
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