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  1. i have a roland Gaia sh01 and it's really cool for the hands on editing, no menus to dive i on the whole..it doesn't cover everything..it's not brilliant for bass but it's fine for sequencey ticky stuff, pads and leads...it doesn't cover super analogy stuff like what my volca bass can do or my minibrute but that's okay as a volca bass is pocket change to buy!
  2. mine: roland jx3p with pg200 cheetah ms6 yamaha sy77 yamaha ry30 roland sh09 roland rs09 alesis sr16 roland tr606 i always lamented NOT buying a roland D50 too...
  3. of course this assumes that people want to sound like a real drummer playing a drum kit...that's not the case for me with some recordings and you could spin it around saying how come people hate real drummers so much with sloppy playing!
  4. i think the months and months of poor performance on this forum last year killed it...it's working okay now but people migrated over to other places when this forum was struggling to work.
  5. where? not here https://www.alesis.com/content1056
  6. casio vl tone roland sh-09 roland rs-09 roland tr606 roland mt32 roland step sequencer for the sh-09...100notes a/b channels[can't remember it's name though!] boss dr55 roland jx3p with pg200 yamaha cx5m music computer yamaha fb01 yamaha tg-33 yamaha rx11 yamaha half rack piano thing...can't remember it's name! yamaha sy77 yamaha mu80 yamaha ry30 yamaha cs01 casio FZ1 casio cz101 casio cz 1000 casio VZ1 casio cz230s seil DK80 cheetah ms6 alesis sr16 alesis mmt8 [sequencer] novation basstation waldorf blofeld roland sh-01 gaia korg ddd1 yamaha cs1x yamaha rx5 not sure on these next 2...hey it's THAT long ago!..i think i had them! yamaha tq5 yamaha ys200
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