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Are you drifting away from recording using 'traditional' instruments?


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    To Mike Rivers point, I think I'm going in the opposite direction...

    I've played keyboards off and on for 25 years (primarily creating instrumental music), but all-keyboard compositions are not that appealing. At worst they sound like factory keyboard demos, and at best they still lack an organic component. For the first time in my life, I'm considering becoming a dual instrumentalist and picking up an acoustic guitar. With a five year plan, I think I could play basic parts and really liven-up my tracks. For the music I do now, I often invite my brother or another guitar player to lay in a few notes or chords, and it makes a *huge* difference.

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      Just the opposite for me, I'm still playing a real trapkit, percussion, guitars, bass and keys when recording and still getting into more midi applications/sound design...I use both to great effect.


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        I use a lot of Javanese gamelan instruments on my music, and also have tingshas, Tibetan bells, and other stuff lying around, and also like to use various percussion instruments. I'll use whatever sounds good, whether it's an acoustic guitar or a synth or other stuff. I like to approach instruments as simply instruments, and not whether one instrument should only be used for such-and-such or this or that or the other. Whatever makes the song better is what I'm going to use.
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          You can make some wacky and wild sounds with a wave table sampler. Most synths even seem 'traditional' compared to that. But whenever I start fooling around with that stuff, I have some fun.... and then go back to playing an synth/instrument. Maybe I just haven't done my dues on it yet.