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Worst User's Manual you ever read?


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  • Worst User's Manual you ever read?

    What's the worst user's manual or helpfiles you've ever read,   and why?:smiley-bounce022:

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    For those of us who have been using audio and music gear, much of which has come from Japan, for 25 years or more, this is like shooting fish in a barrel. There were so many bad manuals that it's hard to pick out a worst one, and the bad ones are simply forgettable. The most amusing service manual I've ever read was for my 1972 Datsun 240Z. Very creative English translations from Japanese.

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      The one I've most recently obtained from Korg, they usually do better.

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    Native Instruments synths.

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      Photoshop Elements.   Manual very well written for someone who already was an expert, but completely mystifying for anyone just starting out;   which, of course, is what the product's made for.

      Funniest one I ever saw was for a bicycle a coworker had bought for his kid for Christmas.   First page had a full page big black letters warning:   'THIS BICYCLE MUST BE ASSEMBLED BEFORE BEING RIDDEN'.   Considering it was completely in piece, that should have been rather obvious.   Then again, some moron may have hurt themselves and sued.

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    Worst - several Roland manuals. Lots of dry, useless information.

    Best - Emu XL-7 Command Station. I could actually create music after reading the manual.

    Funniest I ever read was on a Material Safety Data Sheet. "Warning: Upon contact with skin immediately wash off with soap and warm water." The material in question was hand soap.

    Worst non musical manual - Unisys Kentucky Medicaid implementation manual from years ago when I started my current job. I would set things up according to the manual and billing would fail. I would call and they would say "There is an error on page XX." I would call again with a problem and they would say "There is an error on page YY." This continues for a while and I finally asked why they did not send a revised manual. The reply was "It is easier to let people call when they have a problem and we tell them about the errors in the manual."

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      I'd have to say Roland. Anything from the 80s / 90s was pretty dreadful.


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        A couple of my point and shoot cameras (generally by Panasonic) have had very funny manuals. They do things (in the full manual--not the "Get Started Guide") like explain two scene settings for taking photos.... Child1--For taking photos of children and Child 2--for taking photos of children. Okay, how are they different? When would I use 1 and when would I use 2. When I buy second party books on using my cameras it is nice that they make the information a bit clearer.