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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Very, very loud. The guy who installed it wanted to put a resistor before the output to quieten it a bit. It made all the amps in the shop distort with minimun input gain. Loud, Loud,Loud. [Tone] Very Mid-rangey. Just right for driving a distortion pedal, terrible for anything else. [Sonic evaluation] Really ugly tone when played clean, you wouldn't want this as your main pickup or anything.. Through a pedal it's great, you always have enough gain (if you have too much you can always back off the volume a bit). This made my Shredmaster sound excellent, I EQ in lots of bass and treble afterwards for a fantastic smooth, crunchy (no contradiction intended), punchy sound. High notes cut like broken glass. This is an excellent pickup for gettting that Metallica/Megadeth distortion sound. Don't buy it if you want to play clean with the bridge pickup. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] This *is* a Bridge pickup, it would probably sound very mushy anywhere else. Unsuitable for anything that doesn't require large amounts of gain, or anything where you are not going to process the signal.



General Comments

[Comments] Satisfied


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