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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

As far as the sound of this unit goes,I have owened many Marshall tube amplifiers and also I had the misfortune of owning a valvestate unit and this JMP-1 sounds like the valvestate units but that should be no surprise since there are transisters in this unit.I have tried this unit with a number of different solid state and tube power amplifiers.I own a peavey 50/50 tube power amplifier but I also tried this unit with a mesa power amp also and no matter what you do this unit still sounds like valvestate.the distorted sound is ok but does not have the guts and low end of an all tube amp.The clean sound is very solid state,no warmth at all.I use a Gibson Les Paul Custom with EMG pickups and And a 70s BC Rich Mockingbird with EMGS also.This amp is good for heavy metal only.Not good for blues,fair for classic rock.I have a mesa studio pre amp also and that blows this unit away espicially if you change the 12AX&s to the Sovteks.I play mostly originall music but it is off the classic rock style and this unit does not do it for me.


Never had a problem with it.If I liked the sounds I would trust it without a back up on a gig.

General Comments

I have been playing for 20 years.I own a mesa pre amp that I prefer over this unit.I also own a 5150 amp.I have not been able to get a full sound out of a rack set up like I do out of an amp.I would not by this unit again if it were lost or stolen becuase it is not my type of sound.if you play heavy metal it is a good choice but a 5150 is even a better choice.easier to get the sound I am looking for out of the 5150.

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