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  1. I'm losing my voice. I break up after singing 3 or 4 lines. I went to see an ear nose and throat doc a few days and he told me it was a bunch of sexy things happening to me. Acid reflux caused by boozing causes acid to wash over my chords when i do a reflux burp etc. Mixed with a deviated septum which is having mucus run back over them. Mixed in with my TMJ which is causing me to tense my jaw/larynx so I am never relaxed in that area. He said it is even visible when I talk when he scoped my vocal chords at how uptight I am in that area. I was already considering it but this tipped me over the edge to go raw vegan and quit drinking and quit caffeine. I'm on day three. Broke 2 juicers already. Has anyone changed their lifestyle and it fixed their voice? Yup... Avoid acidic foods and eat alkaline based foods. Avoid sauces like pasta sauce, juices and soda. You don't have to become a vegan, I'm not. Alcohol won't help but some people can drink without it affecting their voice. I can't. Avoid milk and dairy products BUT if you eat cultured dairy then you might be fine. Yogurt (with acidophiles) will actually neutralize the acid so make sure to buy some. Greek is best. Forgot to add, sleep with your head upright. Use 2 pillows so that your head is angled (sleep on your back)
  2. I have a lovely little cautionary tale for you all. Line 6's listed system requirements for the software included with some of it's equipment, in my case a UX2, has little in common for the system requirements of actually recording. Just to be clear: My computer meets Line 6's listed system requirements. Now, UX2 comes with Pod Farm, Ableton Live Lite, Riffworks, and Reason Adapted. I installed these, and spent a few days messing around with Pod Farm before attempting to record. Pod Farm works fine, no latency, just as promised. Recording is another matter. Using Pod Farm as a VST in Ableton (necessary to record) produces latency. Not just while recording, at all. And not a little latency that's kind of annoying. We're talking impossibly distracting latency of at least half a second. I fixed this by having Pod Farm open as a standalone program to monitor the signal, and turning off Ableton's output. This is a little annoying since you have to turn the output back on to listen to the playback, but fixable. But here's when I discovered the real problem - Ableton supports up to 16 tracks. It turns out what this means is actually "Ableton supports up to 16 tracks...If you have a very fast computer" In my case, Ableton becomes unusable above one track. The metronome slows down and speeds up randomly and suddenly, not by tiny margins, but abrupt jumps. While I realize many of you do have very fast computers in your home studios, be warned - Line 6's system requirements are a load of {censored}ing bull{censored}. {censored} 'em. The fact you omitted your computer's specs tell me: -You are using the abacus of modern computing -You are unable to differentiate hardware performance with software limitation(s) exemplified by your inability to -logically deduce the problem. The problem is YOU:idea: (Please...don't take this personal) MINIMUM SPECS=do not denote: RECOMMENDED SPECS. Perhaps you can clarify your vague post by giving details and your methods of trouble shooting as well as your encounter with their tech support?
  3. I suggest you checkout Tascam's stuff..I have an us -122 works great 4 me. I lol'd
  4. Duke, if I knew technically what you meant I could try to help but I'm only a play by ear singer man.
  5. This is awesome information, thank you! Although I have farking clue what it all means I can relate to what he said "we did it as kids without thinking" -regarding apoggio- I think it would help people to do *impressions* of voices you know voices that Eddie Murphy did in Raw or Sam Kinison. It helped me identify how to relate to different types of singers and the genres they sang in.
  6. Can you elaborate on this? I haven't done this in ages, but listen to RHCP albums for starters. They had a 2 disc cd out years ago and that master engineer had a knack those flaws. Or google, I bet you'll find tons of info about it.
  7. I've never considered Anthony Kiedis to be an out of tune singer . Granted, it's not the traditional Paul McCartney or Tony Bennett way of singing ; but I think he's hitting the notes he wants to hit. I think Keidis's technique is what makes him original, but call a spade a spade, bud:cop: As far as "singing" goes? He cannot "sing." Take Eddie Veddar for instance. He's got pipes but I've heard him get out of control to an extent. Have you heard 3rd eye blind "Live?" -Trainwreck-
  8. Here's some background: I've been using Alesis M1 actives for about 5 years and it's time to step it up. I record as a hobby in the genres of mainly rock and metal. Everything is recorded direct (guitars and bass) and the drums come from software. This is in my bedroom. The room is not professionally treated but I have made acoustic improvements but putting some foam on the walls behind the monitors, as well as hanging moving blankets diagonally on the sides. That, and putting as much of my furniture in the bedroom/recording area as possible (making my living room look bare ) Anyway, that stuff has helped to tame reflections and such. It's not terrible, but not ideal either. I think I've narrowed it down to either Adam A7s or JBL LSR4326. The former based on all the rave reviews and the latter for their "room compensation" technology where I could supposedly tune the monitors to my not-so-great room. These speakers are around the same price. My gut instinct is to go with the Adams and I've heard that the JBL Linear Spatial Reference Technology doesn't make a whole lot of difference. I'd just like to hear your opinion about anything I said here. Budget usually dictates what group of monitors you can buy, but I feel you do NOT have to spend great coin, to get good monitors, not necessarily "great sounding monitors..." Allow me to explain; A well treated room can alleviate the perceived problems with any monitor, but suffice to say I have yet to encounter those issues that do plague people's recording environments. I've heard the Adam A7's and those JBL's... The A7's at their price point are seemingly impossible to beat. Go for monitors that are as flat as possible. The extra digital goodies from JBL are *cool* but I didn't like their sound. FWIW I use Event ASP8's and M-Audio EX66's. The EX66's are: extremely bad ass boast versatile connectivity (both analog and digital) bass response goes all the way down to 36hz (with zero distortion) output a HUGE spatial stereo image I've not heard from any other monitor. output a very linear frequency response. And I prefer them to my Events... My Piano sample library literally does not have a left or right! It's just vast and limitless, not to mention there is no sweet spot! They sound very detailed anywhere... My main point is you should listen to your own material/your favorite pieces of music on your prospective purchase...When you can hear everything? You've found the ones you want. Find albums that are overly compressed and/or introduce clipping as well. THIS is a huge tell if your monitors are up to snuff or not. IN the end my friend, you could technically stay with your monitors you have now, or monitor off of a $50.00 HTIB setup, provided you learn your speakers. This is the key regardless of cost, quality and sound output.
  9. Hi. Im a fairly new singer but have made incredible progress using voice-level singing techniques. I'm fairly certain Im singing correctly, and am keeping my throat very open and relaxed and everything sounds very smoothe and connected. However after certain days of practicing... typically when Im practicing very high head voice, I initially feel fine, but later in the day, when I am eating, I start choking... even when I eat carefully. I definitely feel my throat has become constricted, and it is now becoming scary. I dont know exactly what is causing it, since sometimes I can go weeks without it happening... but then it comes back. I dont want to have to stop singing, but somehow I need this all to stop. Thanks for any advice. This has happened to me before, keep in mind I've no vocal training/professional lessons so I can attribute this to: Doing it Wrong! However I'd get a choking feeling during singing, not while eating. Let your voice rest. It sounds like you're not used to doing this, or your voice isn't, rather. It only happened when I tried too hard to sing raspy. Hasn't happened in years:thu:
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