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Sound Quality

The sound is great. I bought this guitar after hearing the awesome power Jack White gets out of his. I play White Stripes and Kings of Leon to name but two different styles, and it suits them both brilliantly! I'm only using a 15W amp, but stick it through a "FAB" distorter and the sound blows you away. The sound is rich and full.


This is my first brand new guitar. My previous one was a 2nd hand Squire. That felt good. The Airline feels indestructible. The strings will take anything you throw and them. It has a substantial feel about it without being weighty and clumsy. It feel this will last for years. And years..... And years...... And years.... And (not this again!!!) I can really depend on this guitar for anything.


General Comments

Right. I really can't sing this guitars praises enough. I go the guitar about a month ago and waited till i wrote this review so the initial thrill would wear off. No chance of that happening! I've been playing for about half a year or so and as previously said I had a Squire. This was a major upgrade but well worth it. My playing has improved tremendously and i feel i can't do this thing justice. One minor flaw is that when i strum down my hand hits the pick up selector, though i'm getting used to that.


Overall a great guitar and a bargain for the price. So go on - BUY ONE! Or if you got one - GO PLAY IT!

Reviewer's Background

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