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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Gear: Ibanez JS1000, Gibson Les Paul standard, Fender Strat, all with Duncan ¿¿¿59 pickups > tube screamer(Analog Man) > JMP-1 > DOD 15 band graphic eq > G-Force > VHT two/fifty/two > 4x12 cab w/Greenbacks. I¿¿¿ve been playing in bands for nearly 30 years and have owned and played many different amps. Currently playing classic rock. Van Halen, Satriani, Deep Purple, etc. Been using a Triaxis for about 8 years and must say I like the Marshall better. Maybe I just needed a change. The JMP-1 is easy to set up. The Triaxis is a little more sophisticated. To this day I¿¿¿m still tweaking the Triaxis. I¿¿¿d rather be playing than tweaking. I¿¿¿ve read many reviews on the JMP-1 concerning it¿¿¿s design with preamp tubes (analog vs digital). I¿¿¿m critical about my tone. I let my ears decide for me. Tube tone is the way to go, in my opinion. The JMP-1 sounds great. Isn¿¿¿t that what it¿¿¿s all about? I¿¿¿m not an electrician. I don¿¿¿t know how much of the signal passes through the tubes. All I know is it has a great sound and feel. Having a good tube power amp also helps. I tried the speaker emulated outputs into my power amp instead of the normal outputs. It had a different sound, but I didn't like it and went back to the normal outputs. Try it. JMP-1 vs Triaxis? It¿¿¿s a matter of opinion. Both are versatile. With my rig, the JMP-1 sounds great. I like it better than the Triaxis. It has a more aggressive, metal tone to it. Darker perhaps, depending how you set it. Good classic Marshall tone. Won't do death metal unless you throw an eq in the effects loop. I use OD1 channel with my TS doing a little pushing. OD2 has tons of gain, but sounds too nasaly. This preamp does not need a gain booster in front of it, but I use my TS mainly for the nice midrange boost it produces. Clean tones? The Triaxis has the edge, but not by much. The JMP-1 can get great clean tones. I can definitely work with it. I¿¿¿m not much a clean player anyways. If you want clean, buy a Fender.


Just got it.

General Comments

Bottom line - the Marshall JMP-1 is worth checking out. Don¿¿¿t go strictly by what you read. Let your ears help you decide. I¿¿¿m keeping both preamps in my rack. JMP-1 is my main, Triaxis my backup.

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