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Boss ME-50 Guitar Mulit Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

The modelling control is (almost)whacko useless as many reviewers have pointed out. The compressor sound is nice, the distortions are distorted/over the top, modulations are nice, some delays are interesting, but too much tweaking needed so sounds do need to be preset, others are very ordinary. Some of the preset patches are quite good, others more than quite useless!


General Comments

This monster doesn't even ship with a power supply, and I would suggest that anything built to run on six double A batteries definitely needs a power supply1!

This pedal unit lacks sublety, clarity, or warmth. Might suit a loud metal player, but I have tried a Zoom G2.1u which is a good deal cheaper to buy but appears to have some nice, transparent modulation presets.

I have sold mine.

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