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Daniel -xdWJ4

Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

Using this preamp with a Mesa Simul 2:90, Alternatively with Marshall 1960 cabs, Peavey 5150 4x12 cab...also even run it thru a Weber 1x12 VST cab...Mostly strats with HS-3's n the bridge or EMG SA setups. LOVE those with this setup in particular. I am getting great high octane "Perfect Strangers" era Ritchie Blackmore to Gary Moore and early Van Halen tones...It can handle metal just fine as well. Not noisy at all. Hush kills all the squeal. Stock presets are a bit crummy, but usually are with digital rack preamps. The difference with this unit is that it really does get some great, real tube tone when you dial it in the way you want. Great, great cleans and truly convincing high gain tones. Can get SRV grit to Twin cleans..any kind of bluesy spank to fat smokey jazz lines. EQ controls are refreshingly effective. The pre and post controls and variac effect really add flexibility, and this has loads of distortion. I used to have a Voodoo Lab pre. Great unit..but I used to run a DOD-250 and TS-808 in front of it to get the gain I wanted. Hell, I run a TS808 in front of my 5150. I can still do that on this unit if I want different flavors, but not from any deficit in the amount of gain on tap. Not thin or sterile (unless dialed in that way!) EQ options allow you to add warmth, flub, sharpness, brightness...whatever you want! Effects are actually very convincing and natural. Love the reverbs. Pretty subtle and realistic..great phasing..clean delays..chorus is nice..nothing crazy. Have not really experimented much with the flanging....but really digging this unit.


I never fill this part out. Anything can fail. Never gig without a backup. No problems so far...and I bought this used....so...it's not brand new...and I guess it still works.. :P

General Comments

I play shred, jazz, blues, flamenco, metal, rock, fusion...whatever! This covers a vast amount of styles. Been playing 25 years....have loads of gear. Have had Marshall, Mesa, Peavey, Digitech, Voodoo Lab, Rivera, Carvin...buttloads of stuff. The more gear I own or have gone thru has only convinced me that tone is in your playing. Obviously, if you play garbage equipment..you can still make it sound *ok* but you need adequate gear to sound truly polished. Yes, I'm running this into a great poweramp and cabs. It sounds totally pro. This sort of flexibility is what made me regret selling my Digitech GSP2101 and moving to more pedals/amps based rigs....since it had sooooo many sounds. The biggest drawback that had was it was sterile and digital sounding...no matter which tubes I ran in it or the poweramp or speakers I had it running into. Don't get me wrong..I tweaked and tweaked...but it was always missing something. The digital artifacts it produced could not be dialed out. THis has a much more natural sound..or maybe it is just the pre and post eq options..since the factory presets on this sucked just as badly as the Digitech. LOL!


The flexibility of this unit helps me make music. No doubt. No tap dancing on pedals either! :) Nothing I hate..per se. I understand this is a single space preamp with digital effects.I understand its limitations..I've been this route before, but love the tone from this unit. I had been interested in this unit for a long time...had a ridiculously low price offer on it and decided to make the jump. Would definitely buy it again if stolen! "Lost"..well that would be an interesting scenario.... :p

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