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  • Give the Gift of Your Music

    Tis better to give than receive!

    By Dendy Jarrett | (edited)



    Three years ago, I wrote about the many ways we can give the gift of music—from a concert ticket, to a fun piece of music-making software, to a musical instrument. And of course, those are all welcome gifts.


    But there’s also the gift of your music, because your music is indeed a gift. You’re giving of yourself—maybe your dreams, your frustrations, or how much you love somebody. You’re putting your emotions on the line, and giving people insights into who you are, the lessons you’ve learned, what you believe, and much more. You’re giving your listeners a piece of you.


    It may seem kind of self-centered to think of your music as a gift. And of course, not everyone is going to like your music, any more than they might like a particular tie you give them. But a gift is not always a “thing.” In some countries, the giving of gifts has evolved to the point where economists talk of a “gift economy,” where a gift can be anything that brings happiness—from giving up your place in line to someone else, to an unexpected act of forgiveness.


    There’s no denying that giving your music is giving of yourself to others. I have a friend who posts his music on YouTube, and every year around the holidays, he posts an album with remixes and alternate versions of the music he made that year as a gift to his subscribers. But you can take the gift of your music so much further. There’s something special about gathering friends, and walking around your neighborhood, singing holiday music. It’s a gift that puts a smile on the faces of everyone who hears you. And there are people in rehabilitation centers, children’s hospitals, hospices, and old age homes who would love to receive the gift of music. As long as you’re trying to give a gift people would like to receive, and as long as you’re putting some joy into the world, then you’re giving them a gift.


    There are lots of holiday parties this time of year, and many gifts are exchanged. But in addition to that Starbucks gift card you’re planning on giving, consider writing a special song about your friends or co-workers at the party, bring your guitar, and sing it. It’s a gift no one else can give them...because it’s the gift of your music. -HC-



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    Sub Title: Tis better to give than receive!
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