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  1. Re the underlying purpose of this "songwriting" folder in the forums at the world's biggest website for musicians . . . Siriusly Sinatra satellite radio is playing Joni Mitchell's ANSWER ME, MY LOVE (see page 1 above) It was one of James Taylor's selections for his recent world-wide online BBC program about American Standard(s). Joni, 30 years younger, with a 70-piece orchestra. (Wayne Shorter is playing his gorgeous soprano sax solo on the musical bridge, right this minute.) I remember James sharing with his audience that the BBC had banned the original version of the song, titled Answer Me, My Lord "something about separation of church and state?" asked James rhetorically. Imagine my delight to turn on my computer and find -- first notification -- from my favorite living singer/songwriter "discussing the craft of songwriting with Bill Flanagan at the Sheen Center." As I tell the grandkids (8 of 'em) "THESE are the good old days -- and don't let any old sourpuss tell you otherwise!"
  2. Left a note with a favorite Catholic author who co-writes songs with DION (in praise of his latest) -- Here in America - SONG FOR SAM COOKE. [I wrote]"There is everything to love about this music video! – starting with the little details (where God and the Devil are usually found, right?). Love Dion's 'parlor size' Martin steel-string acoustic, whose face sports the names of some of the 'legends' Dion has worked with. Noting just the first few, above the cutaway, at the 12th fret, beginning with iconic rock guitarists who played for Elvis and other giants – Scotty Moore and James Burton; below them – Ritchie Valens, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran! And (just inside the rounded cutaway) Les Paul, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley and (above his picking hand) Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison.As to the song -- co-written with Dion by “my favorite living Catholic author” (drum roll please) “Mike Aquilina.”Gives me goosebumps, Mike! Especially the moment after the lovely Lady fiddler (wonder who?) plays the “fresh air” musical bridge in an open field – words so timely at this very moment in the history of America.“You were the man who earned 'The Glory & the Fame'But cowards felt that they could call you any nameYou were The Star – standing in the light –that won you nothing on a city street at night.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geia...HiBKMKUN_3eddQp.s. AMERICAN SONGWRITER wrote a review for this album on which my friend Mike co-wrote 12 of the 14 songs.https://americansongwriter.com/dion-...7-jYqczq0FyR0Q It’s not every artist that gets liner notes written by Bob Dylan, an old friend from Dion’s 60’s New York folkie days. On the paragraph specifically written for this album he says “…when you have a voice as deep and wide as Dion’s, that voice can take you all the way around the world and then all the way back home to the blues.”
  3. ROB LOCKART – sax soloist for Calabria's CLOSE YOUR EYES
  4. "Bob in Boston" one of the wise men at Sinatra Family - Forum - "Siriusly Sinatra" provided the link to this gem -- after I'd written in the "My Favorite Version, Yours Too?" thread: "At this moment Siriusly Sinatra satellite radio is playing the loveliest version of YOU'RE GONNA HEAR FROM ME. I was absolutely certain it was Andre Previn playing the long solo piano introduction (no finer piano accompanist: see his work with Ella and Doris). No! It's Michael Feinstein self-accompanying on his Steinway. Never heard this rendition. Is it at YouTube? Nope. What would Bob do? Spotify? Not there either (not that I can find). " "You've got to try harder," quipped Bob with a wink. Adding: "That really IS Andre Previn accompanying." https://sinatrafamily.com/forum/showthread.php/50225-My-Favorite-Version-(yours-too-)/page56
  5. ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE - most every jazz musician's favorite song
  6. WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES -- Calabria's version (my favorite) at YouTube this day
  7. JAMES TAYLOR - 'Easy as Falling off a Log' (cartoon version in perfect sync)
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