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  1. Tony & Bill - BUT BEAUTIFUL (40 years on, still the 'the best' rendition)
  2. Concerning the 'differentials' [between] positraction and limited slip
  3. WHEN I FALL IN LOVE -- Jeremy Lubbock's arrangement for "Sleepless"
  4. Just when I was wondering if any young artists are recording it . . .
  5. Watching the closing scene of YOU'VE GOT MAIL. Has it really been 22 years? Yes, that's when the late great Nora Ephron directed this, my all-time favorite romantic comedy. My favorite especially for its songs, including “REMEMBER” – most everyone's favorite composed (words and music) and sung so beautifully by the late Harry Nilsson. His version of “Over the Rainbow” is also heard at movie's end, as the camera pans upward to blue skies and “THE END”. Do you know I have never once seen this favorite 'all the way through' – not since first renting it on VHS tape from a video store (remember those? “Be kind. Rewind!”). Yet I always make a point (like tonight) of catching the ending, wondering, each time, if it'll still tug at the heartstrings. Oh yes! Kathleen Kelly finally meets Joe Fox and says, “It's you. So glad.” That moment when she's walking in the “91st Street Garden” and hears a man's voice call out: “Brinkley! Brinkley!” He comes in to view, with a near deadpan expression, while her face is shown going through every emotion, from brief anger, to tears of joy. He takes out a folded hankie and dabs at her left eye: “Don't cry. Shopgirl. Don't cry.” And she is reduced, before they finally kiss, to those words we hoped to hear: “I wanted it to be you. I wanted so much for it to be you.” So It's 2020 and there's nothing you can't find at Youtube, right? Yes. “Ending Scene” all three minutes worth. Oh yes. Carole King was commissioned (with Carole Bayer-Sager) to write a theme song to played as the screen fades to black, over the closing credits. Words 'tailor-made' for the plot! Funny how I feel – 'more myself' with you -- than with anyone else I ever knew! You could have been anyone at all, a stranger 'fallen out of the blue' – I'm so glad it was you!
  6. My favorite living singer/songwriter -- straight to my heart, as only he can
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