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  1. About 5-6 years ago I was having serious back issues. As it got worse and worse I kept going from guitar to guitar. The ONLY reason I was able to keep playing was because I got a '97 Parker Fly Deluxe, weighing in at 4.5 pounds! The super thin neck gave me problems, but the guitar was great, sounded great, and the trem was up there with the best in the business. Eventually my back got a bit better, now I can pl;ay my SG again...that's about my weight limit if I want to stand...and I do. BUT I will never forget that My Parker absolutely saved me, I owe that company a debt and will never knock them!
  2. They work great with my Headrush gigboard, without any amp of course. Sounds amazing in stereo...it's kind of addicting.
  3. Good luck with yours!!! I am almost 62, I developed a bad case about a year ago. The first time is a freaky experience, though mine was opposite yours. I woke up and thought I was extending all my fingers (it felt normal), but quickly I realized the third finger of my fretting hand was still bent down....then all of a sudden it shot up! What a weird feeling. I've had a lot of medical issues for a lot of years, so this was not even something I approached my Dr. about. I did find that In order to play without serious pain, I had to get rid of any guitars I had with thin necks, so my 2011 SG with 50's neck profile (though not baseball bat) has been my main guitar since...it just hurts less. I also realized that playing actually did help a little bit, it definitely made my finger more pliable, and it doesn't get stuck as often. It sucks, but so far I can live with it. 🙀
  4. I have not had any issues with them over the years, my only issue is the shipping is never free, and seems a bit expensive at times.
  5. He played a Gold Top LP for awhile, before the Strat. He was the guy that really started the guitar up front type band. He was great for the time, and more influential than many folks understand.
  6. Great solo that fits the song perfectly (which is what a great solo in a song should do). Plus to me, using a clean sound is harder than using a highly distorted sound. GREAT SOLO.
  7. No problem, just continue to BOOGIE on down.
  8. She didn't get screwed in any way. Every musician including myself knows,we would sign anything EVEN IF WE TOTALLY understand what we are signing. Why? Because we want to be guitar slinging stars (well at least I did in the 70's). And then, when the artist/band gets huge, they break their contract and do what they want. It' always been that way. And now Taylor is calling the guy all kinds of names, i think she is breaking the law at this point.....she's trying to bully him while she's calling him a bully. She has a habit of doing that.
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