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  1. I have not had any issues with them over the years, my only issue is the shipping is never free, and seems a bit expensive at times.
  2. He played a Gold Top LP for awhile, before the Strat. He was the guy that really started the guitar up front type band. He was great for the time, and more influential than many folks understand.
  3. Great solo that fits the song perfectly (which is what a great solo in a song should do). Plus to me, using a clean sound is harder than using a highly distorted sound. GREAT SOLO.
  4. No problem, just continue to BOOGIE on down.
  5. She didn't get screwed in any way. Every musician including myself knows,we would sign anything EVEN IF WE TOTALLY understand what we are signing. Why? Because we want to be guitar slinging stars (well at least I did in the 70's). And then, when the artist/band gets huge, they break their contract and do what they want. It' always been that way. And now Taylor is calling the guy all kinds of names, i think she is breaking the law at this point.....she's trying to bully him while she's calling him a bully. She has a habit of doing that.
  6. I had a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Special Humbucker with a baked maple board, it looked great and played and sounded great. The guitar is only gone because I had back issues and needed lighter guitars.
  7. I had a 2012 Les Paul with a baked maple board. It looked good (dark) and felt great, and sounded great. I only sold the guitar because it ended up being too heavy when I started having back problems.
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