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  1. ilistrned to two songs your voice souned great lots of potential sounds like volume control ie a level volume you should be using a hand held condenser vocal mic a dynamic mic forces you to sing louder again your voicr sounds nice!!
  2. Imade the switch from dynamic vocal mics to handheld vocal condensers so much better soun d duch much easier on you voice let the condenser mic and the PA do all the work using akg C5 flawless quality mic spectacular sound! soundonsound says the akgC7iseven better
  3. im still here! part of the problem may have been the sign in missing and part of the problem was not finding users email or usermame login appears to have been corrected user reviews werean important feature of thus forum but the mfgs didnot want them but they were useful to musicians lets get them bac and find all those user names and user email logins
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