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  1. the most important aspect of a kid or anyone else including adults is you absolutely must have either long fingers or big hands if you have small hands play drums!!! if the kid has average finger length or regular size hands then set up the guitar for slide ie open g ect no fretting just a metal slide top fret sounds a major cord bottom fret sounds a minor ovatio makes a bullet proof accoustic but not kid sized fender makes a kid sized stratocaster!! use a shock proof wireless unit ie nady with slide in open tuning you onl strum only need picking technique on rt hand look at any great guitar player holding the neck of a guitar to see how long their fingers are its criticAL!!!!
  2. leave it unplugged power surges and power sags happen all the tme if it has an etherner connection leave unlugged also power surges can come thru internet cables also
  3. sink hole limestone bedrock dissolves in water water moves underground get ssink hole homeowners insurance fill hole with peagravel quicksand is likely at bottom of sink hole look for dissapearing water in streams tilting fence lines tilting trees how far away is nearest river or stream hole will likely get bigger mite even swallow house watch youtube video on sinkholes to get an idea of how bad it mite get
  4. also a fire hazard dont plug amp leave unplugged unused till pro repair shop looks at electric guitar both hands ons on steel strings your heart is in the middle fatal electrocution can happen more than one famous musican has been electrocted by a defective amp
  5. take to repair shop shock hazard find a cheap wireless unit to avoid shock dont play until repair shop looks at!! mite look at analog amps articlehttps://www.analogbros.com/tech/articles/goodgobad.html dont attemp repairs yourself let a pro do it
  6. if you have the users name old email phone ect use s people finder such as been verified ect to rtack them down and get their current email phone and invite them back best using their current email let them know all is fixed 100 % oprational and invite them back just like you got back the old posts user reviews you can get bak old users as well with a little work and minimal costmite also post on face book and other user sites let them know site is back up 100%give old users an email address for them to email arequeast to ge log in info
  7. pmx2000250watts into4 ohm stereo 180watts into 8 ohms stereo https://www.americanmusical.com/itemfiles/Manual/behringer/behpmx2000_manual.pdf for a bsand pactice pa well it depends on what type of music you play blue s pop rock metal assuming you sing and want to be heard overtop of the drums electric guitars keyboards also depends on how big guitar and keyboard amps are lets assume a 74watt max amp scoustic drums not miced and assume your voice is in the mix of instruments better gear costs more start out with behringer speakers then a couple of steps upp isPeavey good durable bar band gig level gear also depends on ehere you are going to leave the gear at a bar read the pmx2000 manual carefully or friends practice room hopefully a safe place for the gear also note vocal intensive music with the vocals out front in the mix implies better speakers you mite be able to just barely squeak by with a par of 100 dollar each speaker if the guitar and key board amps are 10 to 25watts an un miced acoustic drumsand your not doing heavey metal not you can plsy keys ang guitar and vocals all into the pmx mite consider a hand held condenser mic look at phantom power specs in pmx manual
  8. ilistrned to two songs your voice souned great lots of potential sounds like volume control ie a level volume you should be using a hand held condenser vocal mic a dynamic mic forces you to sing louder again your voicr sounds nice!!
  9. Imade the switch from dynamic vocal mics to handheld vocal condensers so much better soun d duch much easier on you voice let the condenser mic and the PA do all the work using akg C5 flawless quality mic spectacular sound! soundonsound says the akgC7iseven better
  10. im still here! part of the problem may have been the sign in missing and part of the problem was not finding users email or usermame login appears to have been corrected user reviews werean important feature of thus forum but the mfgs didnot want them but they were useful to musicians lets get them bac and find all those user names and user email logins
  11. Peavey Peavey PV5300 Powered Mixer $200amazon you mite consider a limiter to prevent damage to your pa from keyboardsbassect maybe some litewght peavey 12inch pa speakersmite need a crossover if yourbass intensive that splits the signal into low and high and mids then just use a bass ampp to suppliment the powered mixer for more bass if wantedfor highquality sounds use powered studio monitors use main out connection on powered mixer to go to studio monitorsfor more volume usee a 12inch powered speakervia main out
  12. live vocal procrssing is going to be rack mount almost exclusively on vocals think lexiconpcm seriesiriespcm96 for reverb as for processing preonus studio channel or similar vocal channel strip joemeek or others lexicon vocal reverb is widely used and well respected pedals simplydo not have eneough processing power to work it is a rack mount world for high quality vocal processing as faras computer softwareplugins remember revverb cosumes vast amounts of cpu processing power rackmount reverb is the most practical and foolproof for live use!!
  13. helloswedishsinger!! hello!!i listened to all 3 tracks from beginingtoend what i heard was a professional opera singer it sounded really good if that was actually you youare already a professional opera singer
  14. whatsyour best handheld stage condenser mic what was your experience moving from dynamic handheld mics to handheld condenser mics?
  15. harmony centralforums ghost town I check the forums daily and plan to continue!! for me to respond to a post it has to be an unawnsered postand one that needs a gig level solution as im not into installed sound or limitations imposed by gear riders my solutions tend to be at a level that nusicians can afford topics I think need brought up? what daw are u using to replace cakewalk sonar? handheld stage condenser mics vs dynamic mics!i LOVE MY AKG c5 CONDENSER!! WHEN iGET MORE MONEY iWILL MOVE UP TTO THE akg c7 OR akg c636 BEST BANGFOR THE BUCKS MIC PRE WITH REVERB COMPRESSOR EQ! hOW TO BUILD yOUR own gig!! IE GET A PERMIT BRING CHAIRS PLASTIC TABLES FOR THE AUDENCE AND SELL FOOD ANDDRINKSCIGARETTES POPECT FIND OUT WHAT EACH TYPE OF AUDIENCE LIKES BEST! AS FAR AS COVERS MUSIC GENRE
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