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  1. Mr. Blackburn (call me Mark ?) . . . thank you for pointing me to this series of videos by Mr. McCartney (call me Sir ?) . . . I didn't know this existed, and it's an amazing get together of some very talented world class musicians. I couldn't help thinking what I could do with such talent playing on some of my songs . . . Recently, I had an experience where a talented piano player heard one of my songs, and was moved to offer a collaboration online . . . well, the resulting track took my humble little song to a whole new level. It's the first time in all my years of writing that I had a professional caliber musician contribute to my effort . . . and may I say what a difference it can make to a song. Most bedroom / living room songwriter / producers of course don't have a budget to hire top talent, but it sure made me think and dream bigger and . . . "what if"
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