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  1. want to upgrade my Presonus Central Station. Looking at Crane Song, Dangerous, Grace, etc. my studio monitors are Adams, Yamaha and a sub Who do you recommend and why?
  2. A buddy just gave me a body and neck of a Peavey Predator. 1994 model... I need a bridge plate and 4 screws. I checked eBay but there seems to be different types of neck plates for USA made peavey's. I see neck plates for what appears to be different necks and they use T15, T30, T45, T60, etc.... Which one do I need for this? Also, anybody have one lying around with screws they want to part with? Let me know
  3. Looking for a SHURE SM7B mic.. let me know what you have. thanks
  4. I have a Fender Twin and a Marshall JCM800. I want to get an AB switch so I can swith back and forth between them. Somebody said "JUST MAKE ONE". Apparently its quite simple and there are schematics all over the net to make them??? Anyone know where? OR Should I just buy one? Any suggestions on a make/model? cheer csr
  5. Seems PEDALTRAIN is winning so far. A guy on Kijiji emailed me (I posted a WANTED ad for a pedalboard) saying he has a 24 x 12 PEDALTRAIN for $100 with the soft case. Is this worth it? thanks all.
  6. I have the MPS-XL. Fully loaded mines gotta way 65lbs. A bit heavy if you ask me. YEP.. I AM AFRAID OF THAT....... I'd like to keep the weight down if I can.
  7. I have about 8-10 pedals. Biggest one is a Morley Volume pedal. The rest are the size of BOSS and/or IBANEZ type pedals. 1 or 2 are slightly bigger then the BOSS/IBANEZ ones. Do I go "cut your foam" type........or just velcro? Show me and tell me your suggestions. Must be travel worthy. thanks all. csr.
  8. I have owned this bass for about 15-18 years. I use it for recordings only. I bought it from a pawn shop. I got it cheap. I can't find anything on the internet about it. I read that "STINGER" was a bass made in Korea by CF MARTIN guitars but I'm not sure if this is one of those? Any idea if it's worth anything? I have somebody interested in buying it and don't know what it's worth. csr
  9. Holy smoke...........anyone have this HOT WIRED pedal? I'd be interested in hearing reviews from anyone that owns one. cheers [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  10. A buddy of mine told me about a guy named Brian Wampler. I looked on you tube and he's got some nice stuff. anyone using them? I like this PLEXTORTION one alot.
  11. Check the pawn shops in the area every week or so for the next 6 months also, search Craigslist and Kijiji daily
  13. Selling my Peavey Classic 50 with 2x12 speakers. Really nice shape. PM me if interested. I'm located just outside of Toronto, Ontario - Canada. Asking $525.00
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