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  1. I'm going to grad school and need to unload some of this stuff. It has all served faithfully for several years. Pictures available upon request but seriously, you can find this stuff by going to the websites. QSC RMX1450 is in pristine shape, always racked. $300 shipped to cont. US. Acme B2 (4-ohm) is in great shape. The edges and corners have light marks on them, but nothing unexpected. Make an offer. Genz Benz 410T-XB (not XB2) has a few stripped screw holes for the grill (can be fixed with wood glue, or ignored). The woofers have served well for years and sound good, but close inspection shows some light creasing in the cones. Make an offer. All shipping will be via DHL from 80906. Call Adam at 918-808-4437 or A E L at UTULSA dot EDU
  2. Pacific F Series drum kit. 14x5 snare drum, 10x8, 12x9, and 14x12 mounted toms (I.S.S. mounts), and 22x18 kick. I don't have my camera handy, but this pic gives you the idea of color and look. Mine are in fine shape, not gigged, just used for practice and recording. Comes with mounting hardware for toms. Looking for around $325 for the kit plus shipping or local pickup. I also have some good Pearl hardware stands and a Pearl powershifter eliminator double kick, not sure if I want to sell them but that's negotiable. A E L at UTULSA dot EDU or call Adam at 918-808-4437.
  3. Going to grad school and I have too much stuff. Lightly used in my smoke-free studio for a couple years. Works great, it's in like-new condition. 8 XLR in/outs with preamps, also has optical and digital in/outs, etc. Firewire interface so you can use it from a laptop. Check MOTU's website for details. $800 shipped to cont US. Includes FireWire and AC power cords. Contact Adam at 918-808-4437 or A E L at UTULSA dot EDU. Yes it's a stock photo, get over it, mine looks the same
  4. Here's what physics has to say about it: The frequency of a wave on a string is proportional to the velocity, which is: velocity= SQRT( Tension * Length / mass) So, if you increase the mass of the string, you must also increase the tension to keep the velocity (and therefore frequency) the same. If we are correct in assuming that flatwounds have more mass for the same gauge, then I think we have to conclude that the tension needs to be higher, but like others have said, it may vary by brand and construction (eg. A hex core may provide enough airspace to cancel out the "filled in" outer surface of a flatwound).
  5. I've tried to get one of my guitarists to practice with a metronome soooo much. I wish people would realize how useful it is.
  6. As a bass player, I'm used to pressing down with a lot of force, which means when i try to play melodies on a guitar they go wildly out of tune. One thing I've heard recommended and which kinda works in some situations for me is to try practicing with your thumb NOT touching the neck. This way you are very limited in how much pressure you can apply and you can get used to it. Works for some things...
  7. I'm gonna write a song using only these chords : E7#9sus4 A9sus4/E A7sus2sus4/E D6sus2sus4/E B7b13#9sus4/E B7#9sus4#5/E Bm7b13bb5/E
  8. Thanks for all the input. I guess I'll go look for a good model and see how I like it. You guys are right about the unique sound, there are a few recorded songs I know use an ABG, and it's sweet.
  9. I played one for the first time in a pawn shop yesterday...it was weird not having anywhere to anchor my thumb. I think it was only a lower-mid quality one, don't remember the brand, but the inside looked kinda rough.
  10. Windows Media Player 9 has one...works well, and it's free...well, free if you don't count giving your soul to Microsoft to be payment...
  11. I have been playing bass about 2 years now. Before the Acme I had a Peavey 210TX, and recently bought a Genz Benz 410XB. The Acme and the Genz cab sound very similar, and together they just ROCK! My Peavey Firebass head is the weakest link right now...but at least it runs down to 2 ohms. If my Acme cab went missing I would definitely get another one, even if I still had my Genz Benz, because it is really nice to have such a compact, powerful cab for small shows.
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