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  1. I'm currently in the market for a good high gainer. I want something capable of tight modern tones without sounding harsh or overly trebly. Just for reference I'm currently playing through a koch Multitone 2x12 combo its an el34 model. My current set up goes like this guitar>ts808>bob burt od>amp(carbon copy in the loop) This amp is capable of some pretty epic high gain tones but I have the gain channel set for a meduim type crunch tone that cleans up well, this channel really shines this way. Anyhow what say you? Trying to keep my bored to a minimal amount of pedals so if you could have one for high gain tones what would it be? Here are some I'm interested in Wampler TripleWreck/soviergn, Suhr riot, Elements.....anything else?
  2. Fender Deluxe Reverb '65 Reissue. I sold mine to fund another amp and I miss it like crazy. plus 1! see my sig
  3. I had the AC15c1 for a while. Awesome souding amp and I much prefered the greenback the wharfdale speaker on the older models. I was using it as a head and running it through my George Lynch Gflex cab I had at the time and it sounded amazing! I know that setup is not exactly "portable" though. Anyhow great amp if it had an fx loop I would have kept it as I like to use delay quite a bit and I had the amps gain pretty much dime and was using my volume knob to clean it up. I still may pick up another one if I can find one used on the cheap.
  4. I traded a brand New USA strat for a PRS CE24 some years back. It was an awesome trade. Now if I could find someone who wanted to swap a CE24 for my strat that'd be another story I love the bolt neck PRS's they seem "snappier" to me somehow if that makes any sense. Especially if I could find one with an alder body.
  5. Thanks for the replys guys. Just got done playing through the strat and the deluxe. I shot the guy a text and told him it was a no go This has got to be one of the prettiest tones I've heard bar none. The suhr ML's are killer and I forgot to metion the bright cap mod has been done on this amp and I've got really nice NOS telefunkens in it as well. I just need to hold of and maybe get a used Les Paul Studio or something down the line for my "bucker" tones. I really am a strat guy at the end of the day and would be kicking myself in the ass later. My ESP does play better but damn this guitar just sounds so sweet, the two sound completely different and compliment each other really well.
  6. I have a possible trade going and wanted to know what you guys thought. I would be trading my 2011 American standard strat FSR and my 2011 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue for a 2003 Custom 22. The Custom 22 have bird inlays but no 10 top, stop/wrap around tail piece. My Strat is loaded with Suhr ML's and I'd be including the original pups as well. Does this sound like a pretty fair trade? For strat type tones my other guitar is an ESP vintage plus which I much prefer over the fender. I would be ampless but I think it'd give me an excuse to pick up a blackstar ht40 (been wanting one for a while). All the gear involved in the trade is minty(my stuff and his prs). Thanks.
  7. or plexidrive. I just picked one up and it's fantastic. What is the main difference between these and the pinnacle? How do these compare to say the Suhr riot? Or is that a completely different voicing alltogether? Im looking for something with a nice fluid singing tone with lots of clarity and well defined low end. My main problem with the Lovepedal Super lead was lack of string separation on higher gain settings. Also bass notes seemed small and undefined when playing single note runs.
  8. What are you guys thoughts on this pedal? At first I was pretty taken with it but I'm quickly finding myself not wanting to use it. Next to my OCD v4 It just sounds tiny and Lo-Fi if that makes sense. It does seem to sound "bigger" w the mid engaged but it loses clarity and sounds fizzy w tone knob up to far. What would be a good replacement? I'm looking for something w a high gain hotrodded Marshall type thing going that wont sound tiny next to my OCD (its not going anywhere). I realize I'll probably have to spend more than the $129 the lovepedal cost me but I'd like to stay at or under $200 if possible. Maybe a little more. Thanks.
  9. The title says it all. I've got a Laney VH100r and a Genz Benz Gflex 2x12 cab I'm looking to trade. Its just too loud for my apartment so I'm looking for a smaller amp set up of equal value would also consider trades for electric guitars. Sorry no pics right now. If you've got something and your local p.m. me and we can discuss details. Only want to deal locally to avoid shipping hassle/cost. Thanks.
  10. Hmm maybe I should PM you and ask /thinly veiled bump I just PM'd you. He's got an add up on the colorado springs craigslist. Give it a shot:thu:
  11. Hey man don't know if you've seen it but there's a guy in the springs looking to trade his Mark V. FYI
  12. I've never actually owned a compressor. I'm "hoping" I'll get more use out of it vs other pedals I've owned. I'm more of an guitar>amp kind of guy. The only two pedals I consistently use are an overdrive(as a boost) and a eq in the loop. The compressor seems like something that will help my basic tone and that I can leave on all the time and not fuss with.
  13. My T.C. Nova Delay for Boss DD-3 and a Toadworks Mr. Squishy Compressor. I realize the Nova is a superior delay but I rarely use delay and when I do very sparingly...
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