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  1. You can hear the synth... I thought it was either synth or a weird effect on the guitars. But if you listen to when they press the keys, it does have that trumpet-like swell at the beginning on each note - like a synth..
  2. How much research have you done on this?
  3. the youtube videos and audio demos of this sound like total ass like ass?
  4. Make sure your speaker cables and instrument cables are different colours! This. They should look and feel very different from each other. -D
  5. Pictures: No pictures, they're just pickups. Pictures would at least do 2 things: 1. Give a hint of what they look like, condition etc... 2. That there is a possibility that you do have those pickups. When not providing pictures, its a bit more of a gamble, chance that you might not get what you wanted. But when you refuse to put up pictures, well that brings up three other arguments: 1. Is it in really {censored}ty condition? 2. Does he actually have that gear? 3. If seller is not willing to put effort towards providing simple pictures, is this going to translate into a difficult deal? ex: Slow to ship, excuses for nothing in mail, excuses for erronous / damaged goods, no answers to emails, vague dialogs etc...
  6. My degree of wanting these is very high. But my degree of being broke is also very high.
  7. Celestion G12k-100 Sounds great for metal and very decent cleans. Big low end mixed with good amount of highs, tons of clarity and articulation. A bit scooped sounding but not like a G12T75. I'd say its a cross between a G12T75 and a Vintage 30. Decently loud, mixes very well with a vintage 30 or any Celestion G12 speaker. 100Watts 8 Ohms 99 dB loudness/sensitivity Broken in, little use Slight bent at the screw holes due to overtightening, doesn't affect the tone, sounds great. A front mount would straighten it right back up. Worst bend shown in picture, others are not as bad. Will trade for speaker in similar condition; Celestion, Weber, Eminence, WGS etc.. Looking for 12" + 16 ohm. Models I prefer: Weber Blue Dog, Greenback, G12H30, Private Jack, GB50... Will definitely look into other offers. //OR// Will trade for some guitar pickups. Active EMG's, but will consider other humbuckers.
  8. Give me an offer on some EMG HZ's. Humbucker - prefer H4's Will consider other models. Thanks
  9. I dont even know what that pedal can do - but does have appeal - keeley = win. I still have an amp to purchase first, Im sure this will be gone before I have the cash I'll check back in august if this is still here
  10. To me that's the obvious answer..no other Annie Lennox fans here? WINNAR! Now that I saw the vid though...
  11. Been looking for the title/band of this song for a month now, been signing it to people and they have no idea... I think its a chick that sings it, or a dude that sounds like a chick "shooby dooby doop doop doop, (pause)whaooo" higher pitched voice sound... Kudos to one who guesses
  12. For those of you who haven't read the story due to laziness: Chapter I: Dry humping in a fairy suit Chapter II: The Ritual Chapter III: Breakfast & Insight into the Mind of a Groupie Chapter IV: Sex at Last - of a Sort Chapter V: Revelations & Damned Lies Chapter VI: Candy & Sandy - Painful Truths About Myself Chapter VII: Frozen Snakes, Groupies, and Fireplaces - The Calm Before the Storm Chapter VIII: Dead Man Walking - "Red" Chapter IX: Janis & The Matter of Coolness Chapter X: Epiphany for Two at the Driskill Hotel Chapter XI: Consequences: 6/27/83 Chapter XII: Pride Before a Fall Chapter XIII: The Direction of Disintegration Chapter XIV: Shattered Porcelain & Twisted Steel Chapter XV: Redemption & a New Beginning Disclaimers, Notice of Copyright, and Acknowledgements Terry D.
  13. Swap everything for eminence. /Thread
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