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  1. I used to use it a bit in 90's, but haven't touched it in years. My dad started using it recently for charts at church and has been happy with it.
  2. He didn't. His tone was absolutely brilliant and in the studio he did spend a lot of time checking out options, especially after their touring days. John was the one who wanted the more progressive and out there tones, as well as more effects on his vocls, which he asked for because he hated the sound of his own voice. Personally, I've never understood why Cream (as mentioned earlier in this thread) gets so much acclaim for their tone. I've always found it incredibly dull and too low-mid focused.
  3. watch out for the reverse scam where you never get the pedal but he starts harassing you for something in return... Not sending him a thing until I've received the pedal and tested it. Luckily I also have his work number if things go sour.
  4. So I was trading pedals with a guy and he was supposed to come down yesterday. I got a text from him at the EXACT TIME we were supposed to meet and said he couldn't make it down. I rescheduled for tonite and I got a call from him. Turns out he lives quite a bit further north than Cinci, but reads the Cinci , Dayton, and Columbus pages since he can get to any of them in about 60-90 minutes. Since he can't come down he offered to ship me the pedal for free, evaluate it a couple of days and either ship it back to him or ship him my pedal in return. That's fine with me, but why couldn't we have {censored}ing done that in the first place? I'd have had the pedal by now!
  5. I normally have people meet me at work. I keep my less expensive gear there, plus my room, the main floor and then the whole building is locked at night. Of course, now that I have a big dog I could have people come to the house.
  6. I haven't picked up a pedal in about two years so I guess I'm overdue. I was hanging out at Guitar Center on Friday and got to play an EH Holy Stain. I really liked it and put up a WTB/WTT ad on our local CL and a couple of hours later got an email about a trade. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up tomorrow and make this happen!
  7. Been seriously considering a fathead cause I don't have a ribbon mic. This may sway me. I have one but it's just... not... enough!
  8. Good to hear! I really want to snag a pair myself, especially if you're digging them on acoustic.
  9. My heart actually skipped a beat at the Lake Placid Blue one. I'm supremely jealous. HNG'sD!
  10. I used to use hosa balanced patch cables for recording. I later got a deal on some monster balanced patch cables. It was as if someone had lifted a blanket from the monitors. I was loosing a lot of treble content with the hosa's. These were only 1" patch cables. Monsters are pretty well known to be hyped in the high end. It didn't take the blanket off of your speakers... it just added to it.
  11. i believe they are around $600 new. Those are REALLY nice baritones actually. My friend had one, sold it and has been kicking himself ever since.
  12. I've always loved the sound of EMG's on an extended scale with ebony fretboard. I never really understood all the hate for EMG's... they definitely have a unique sound. It's like those who are hating on Tom Waits' voice... some people have no taste.
  13. Eastwood all the way Played one on Friday. If they were willing to move on price it would be mine.
  14. Nighthawks is good. But I listen to his later stuff way more - Mule Variations, Orphans, Alice, Bone Machine, etc Damn that guy puts out a lot of good music As do I. But my favourite Tom Waits album is definitely Rain Dogs.
  15. It's Tom Waits. His albums are ALWAYS perfect.
  16. We settled for a quick "good show" and a Kirk grumble and left it at that. Kind of a let down for a 17 year old that wanted to do this for a living. I guess you get even with your heroes by becoming the musician they are not; unless they are both rude and good--then I guess you just keep playing... Kirk has gone on record and said that he was a pretty miserable bastard in the AJFA and Black album years. Combo of drinking and drugs and just tour/recording strain. He said during the downtime up until Load he spent a lot of time re-centering himself; learned to surf, started taking yoga, took jazz lessons, and hung out at the tattoo/piercing parlours near his house and these days he seems MUCH more relaxed. Metallica is still one of my favourite bands, although I don't really listen to them often because all of the music is permanently engraved in my mind. They were a big influence on my decision to be a professional musician and I'll always have a lot of respect for them, even when they stumble. Now, are you guys done trying to figure out who has the bigger e-cock?
  17. I don't, but if you want a metal one my friend could make one for you.
  18. I know your service is great and all, but you don't carry ALOT of stuff.. I definitely wouldn't say that Sweetwater is the most guitar-oriented online retailer, but their pro audio selection is amazing.
  19. I mean like, nearly to the book. Sweetwater FTW This. This.
  20. i've really been wanting a casino, in my local shop they have a similar model from Peerless for much the same price. Peerless seems to be one of the Korean factories that make Epiphones so it's going to be at least as good as the Epi - unless the ones you can get now are made in China, so it might be better? anyone got any experience with Peerless guitars? Ooooh... how much!?!
  21. Ive got an SM7b and I feel the same way about them for vocalist as I suspect I'll feel about the MA-200. Some people I've tried it on don't like the experience of singing in to it as they do a LD condenser (if you know what I mean). Great on the right person but sometimes very 'dynamic' sounding and lacking the lushness you get with the right LD condenser. Still one of the biggest bargains out there. Yeah, I was at a session once and the band insisted that they had to sing into a LDC because that's what you need to use in the studio. Engineer set up a U67 and the SM7 and singer threw a fit... until he heard how much better his voice sounded so he said, "Ok, but can we take some video of me singing through this one (U67) because we'll look more pro that way?"
  22. 67's are definitely great vocal microphones, but they tend to work with a narrower range of singers than some of the other classics. As always, no single mic works great on every vocalist - even a 47 or a 251 might not be "right" for this person or that one. But when they work, they're great. And of course, they're a fantastic instrument microphone. They friggin' RULE as drum room mikes. Guitar cabs love 'em too. Yeah for me it just doesn't work vocally, which was disappointing. But it loves my acoustic guitars and on my sister's voice it sounds amazing. I'm still thinking SM7 might do the trick but I haven't had the cash flow to come up with it.
  23. I'm pretty sibilant as a vocalist... I've never really gotten a satisfactory sound when it comes to de-essing and I think I may need to eventually invest in a good hardware de-esser. Ive tried the 201 on my vocals and 99% of the time it doesn't work. But pretty much everything else I put it on shines. It turns out I'm more of an SM57 guy.
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