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  1. Not interested in trades. Forgot to mention that.
  2. Mint condition. Never gigged. Basement use only. Purchased new in box in April 2008. Comes with footswitch and cable, footswitch cover, head cover. Shipped and paypaled $1400. Not interested in trades.
  3. My pedal would suck as a boost due to that pop. I plan on taking it back and try another one.
  4. Do any of you experience that click or pop through your amp when you step on the switch? I am just wondering if that is normal with this pedal. None of my other pedals do this. I even took it out of my chain and plugged it into a different outlet- just guitar, pedal, amp and had the same result.
  5. Would you consider an Ibanez TS-9 and $?
  6. Anyone compare these pedals? I was thinking about getting the crunch box and running it through the Clean channel on my crate palomino v32 2x12. This evening I tried a TS-9 through the Gain channel set around 1-2 o'clock on the amp. The TS-9 drive 2o'clock, level 1 o'clock, tone 8 o'clock. That sounded decent, a little too much on the middy side that I couldn't really dial out. I am just wondering if the crunch box is going to sound very similar. I haven't tried it in person. I would rather lug around the crate to practice and use a distortion pedal to accomplish old school metal, use my half stack for gigs.
  7. Version 2-(internal presence control). Please PM me.
  8. Sorry- I don't have pics. It's absolutely mint condition- from store to my basement. I have 2 Marshall cabs. This one has to go. Very little use. Check out Mesaboogie.com for pics.
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