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  1. I used to use it a bit in 90's, but haven't touched it in years. My dad started using it recently for charts at church and has been happy with it.
  2. He didn't. His tone was absolutely brilliant and in the studio he did spend a lot of time checking out options, especially after their touring days. John was the one who wanted the more progressive and out there tones, as well as more effects on his vocls, which he asked for because he hated the sound of his own voice. Personally, I've never understood why Cream (as mentioned earlier in this thread) gets so much acclaim for their tone. I've always found it incredibly dull and too low-mid focused.
  3. We settled for a quick "good show" and a Kirk grumble and left it at that. Kind of a let down for a 17 year old that wanted to do this for a living. I guess you get even with your heroes by becoming the musician they are not; unless they are both rude and good--then I guess you just keep playing... Kirk has gone on record and said that he was a pretty miserable bastard in the AJFA and Black album years. Combo of drinking and drugs and just tour/recording strain. He said during the downtime up until Load he spent a lot of time re-centering himself; learned to surf, started taking yoga, took jazz lessons, and hung out at the tattoo/piercing parlours near his house and these days he seems MUCH more relaxed. Metallica is still one of my favourite bands, although I don't really listen to them often because all of the music is permanently engraved in my mind. They were a big influence on my decision to be a professional musician and I'll always have a lot of respect for them, even when they stumble. Now, are you guys done trying to figure out who has the bigger e-cock?
  4. I don't, but if you want a metal one my friend could make one for you.
  5. I know your service is great and all, but you don't carry ALOT of stuff.. I definitely wouldn't say that Sweetwater is the most guitar-oriented online retailer, but their pro audio selection is amazing.
  6. I mean like, nearly to the book. Sweetwater FTW This. This.
  7. Ive got an SM7b and I feel the same way about them for vocalist as I suspect I'll feel about the MA-200. Some people I've tried it on don't like the experience of singing in to it as they do a LD condenser (if you know what I mean). Great on the right person but sometimes very 'dynamic' sounding and lacking the lushness you get with the right LD condenser. Still one of the biggest bargains out there. Yeah, I was at a session once and the band insisted that they had to sing into a LDC because that's what you need to use in the studio. Engineer set up a U67 and the SM7 and singer threw a fit... until he heard how much better his voice sounded so he said, "Ok, but can we take some video of me singing through this one (U67) because we'll look more pro that way?"
  8. 67's are definitely great vocal microphones, but they tend to work with a narrower range of singers than some of the other classics. As always, no single mic works great on every vocalist - even a 47 or a 251 might not be "right" for this person or that one. But when they work, they're great. And of course, they're a fantastic instrument microphone. They friggin' RULE as drum room mikes. Guitar cabs love 'em too. Yeah for me it just doesn't work vocally, which was disappointing. But it loves my acoustic guitars and on my sister's voice it sounds amazing. I'm still thinking SM7 might do the trick but I haven't had the cash flow to come up with it.
  9. I'm pretty sibilant as a vocalist... I've never really gotten a satisfactory sound when it comes to de-essing and I think I may need to eventually invest in a good hardware de-esser. Ive tried the 201 on my vocals and 99% of the time it doesn't work. But pretty much everything else I put it on shines. It turns out I'm more of an SM57 guy.
  10. Those links are no longer working Kerouac. I would be interested to hear them if they're still around? Cheers. Rimmer Yeah, I don't know why they were broken as I hadn't changed anything.
  11. Nice. Enjoying the mic so far, then? I used one of the new 101fet SDCs on an acoustic part the other day and it sounded very good. Of course, part of that was due to the fact that it was a good player with a Martin, but I like to think the mic helped... I actually haven't gotten anything new done. I'd been working so hard the past few weeks that I've given myself a little bit of a pressure break. Plan to get back to work mid-April and really put it to use.
  12. Ok, I was having a bitch of a time getting anything good tonite... not because of the mic, but I was just off. Piano is one of my mum's piano students playing at the end of her lesson. I picked up the mic a couple of times and I split the one long clip so you can hear how I moved it... you can even hear me adjusting it a bit on the track, but I didn't have time for any really detailed piano clips. Also, all of the clips with the exception of the one marked Wet are all without compression, eq, verb, etc. It's the sound of the instrument in the space it's in. Clip One is about three feet away from Middle C at the end of the piano, lid fully open: http://andymclain.com/logic9clips/mics/MA201fetpiano1.mp3 Clip Two is over the treble side, lid open, and the mic slightly angled towards the bass strings: http://andymclain.com/logic9clips/mics/MA201fetpiano2.mp3 Clip Three is about 5 feet away from the piano, angled right to towards the curve in the body, lid fully open: http://andymclain.com/logic9clips/mics/MA201fetpiano3.mp3 MA201fet w/Godin 5th Avenue http://andymclain.com/logic9clips/mics/MA201Godin.mp3 MA201fet on Vox of an original song (Dry): http://andymclain.com/logic9clips/mics/MA201NarthexVoxDry.mp3 MA201fet on Vox of an original song (Wet): http://andymclain.com/logic9clips/mics/MA201NarthexVoxWet.mp3 EDIT: Fixed broken links.
  13. So it's here but I can't test it out until 8 tonite. The wai-ai-aiting is the hardest part.
  14. David and the folks at Mojave have offered to bring their mikes by for me to have a listen to here in my studio - I'm going to have to take them up on that one of these days... I've only heard them at trade shows, but from what I could tell there, they sounded very good. Would def. be interested in your opinion.
  15. I think you'll like it. I don't have a ton of expensive mics but I have a couple around the four-figure mark (a Microtech-Gefell MT-71S and a BLUE Woodpecker), and the Mojave mics compare well with either of them. They're solid. I have a new guitar today that I can't wait to record with it!
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