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AGGHH... I can't decide!!


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I'm having a terrible time trying to decide what kind of guitar I should build. I play all styles of rock, from punk to hard rock, and I've been pondering the super distortion (bridge), paf pro (neck) on a mahogany body, maple neck, for a long time. I'm pretty sure I could get enough of a tone range out of it to play all of my styles of music.


And then comes along the 50s Les Paul Jr.


I don't know why.. but I really think that I love that guitar!


Now sadly, I don't have any large music stores in town, so I can't give each a play and see which I like better. The Les Paul Jr has a P90, which is going to give me a brighter, slightly more twangy (for lack of a better word) sound. I'm already getting that from my Fender Squire (reason why I wanted a dual-humbucker guitar). But I just can't get the Les Paul Jr out of my head! :confused:


I need some input. I'll be playing the guitar through a Marshall DSL or TSL combo amp, with a MXR Distortion 3 for a bit more variety.


Oh yeah, I would be building a copy of the Les Paul Jr, not buying one.


Thanks for reading. I know this is more rambling than anything. :)

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