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what sig guitar would you like to own.....


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I'd like my own sig model:


55gibby Fender Starcaster



2 road worn frets

cracked nut

stylish chipped paint

missing a tone cap

custom loose bridge (missing all the saddle screws)

non functioning switch

modern crackel in the volume pot

High end hum

pre-broken string for extra authenticity (deluxe model only)

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I have previously owned a Jimmie Vaughan strat (which was good), and a Burns Brian May (which was great).


I currently own an early Clapton strat (which is amazing), a Gilmour strat (which is the best guitar I've ever owned), and a Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion III (which is a cool guitar).



...I would pretty much kill a man for the Lifeson sig :cool:

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