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  1. lol agreed. windsor is a silly place It's only a model.
  2. after a show in iowa city, someone spilled a whole bottle of pabst blue ribbon into the top of my HIWATT. it was the first night of a two week tour. it worked, but with intermittent problems...i sold it not long after. We were on our way to a gig once that had a pretty long drive on the way there. Our stupid second guitarist (long since fired) demanded we stop for fried chicken. I hate fried chicken, but whatever, he was being a baby about it... Anyway, we get out on the highway and him and the drummer are happily eating this shit in the second row of the big 15 seat van we were driving (even though they could easily have been in the back). My two old Hiwatts (a 77 100 watt and an 82 50 watt) were sitting between the front seats with me. Guitarist goes to open the thing of gravy. I say to him, "Don't you dare spill that shit in here" and then he does. Of course. Right on the Hiwatts. A huge tub of gravy. In a moving car. Oh god I was pissed In the end, all was well, and somehow the gravy didn't get inside either of them. They both have suspicious gravy stains in the tolex to this day, though. And I'm probably the only person in history to scream "OH FUCK GET THE GRAVY OUT OF THE HIWATTS"
  3. I'm very happy with the Fanes in my Hiwatt cab. They are delicious. As posted above they are shockingly rich in bass, but that really works for them. I also really like the Celestion 12" that is in my old WEM combo amp. I dunno what Celestion it is, but it's stock from the 70s somewhere and sounds great. I don't like the stock speakers whatever they are in modern regular old Marshall cabs. I'm not sure if it's just my Hiwatts though - whatever it is, they do not play nice together and sound piercing, which is not the Hiwatt way.
  4. Housing here in Belgium is pretty cheap compared to the US. 1mil for a manhattan apartement? 400.000 will buy you a bigass countryside villa here. I've seen 17th century castles in the neighborhood go for 800.000. A nice house at a quiet location is around 250.000 here. Note to self: Move to Belgium. ...You couldn't buy a condo for 400,000 here.
  5. I used to make about $38k a year, and that was difficult for me to live on. Right now, I make about half that, and it's killing me. I will be starting my new life as a school teacher soon, though, which will put me right back around $40k a year. I guess I'll have to get a 2nd job.
  6. JoJo doesn't have those kind either, in fact he has one of the coolest I've ever seen, a really kick ass guitar amp tube! These Orange pix only tats are kind of cool, something I'd consider, cryptic but meaning to those of us who know what they are: That there is {censored}ing awesome.
  7. Yeah, there's a kid in my grade 5 class that has been playing for two years already. Makes me jealous. I started at 17. I'd like to think I'd be pretty good if I'd started at 10 like everyone else these days.
  8. Having watched it again carefully and in HD, I'd have to say that I still think it was a sick performance. I don't see what the problem is. And, yeah, {censored} - that Starkey kid can play! Holy!
  9. Man, I would love to see that. Just imagine, 20 minutes of Rush instrumentals. They could just play Villa Strangeato :love::love:
  10. That light show was beyond epic though! Holy {censored}! And the custom painted cymbals? {censored} yeah!!
  11. I still have my first guitar. I do not still have my first car. Take it from me, kid - get yourself a $400 Toyota Tercel from a government auction and then get right back to spending on guitars Wait until your mid-20s crisis to get a sports car
  12. I've been using the DD-20 for about five years now. I love it enough that I will gladly buy another as backup when they discontinue it. In my band I need quite a few different delays, and I need 'em to be accurate and easily adjusted - and the DD-20 does that for me very well.
  13. Still looking for a sunburst tele body, the more beat up the better. Road worn would be ideal
  14. That's a good price for that LP you're talking about. I'm all about LPs. Can't stand PRS. But that's mostly for two reasons: 1) their neck profile isn't for me (my hand cramps up with thin necks) and, 2) I just don't like the look of flame-tops. Both of those things are very personal and subjective, so... You've gotta make your own decisions on that Both are great guitars. The PRS will likely be a bit more perfectly built, but all in all I'd say like everyone else says and tell you to play 'em both. ...And then get the LP
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