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what sig guitar would you like to own.....


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If I hit the lotto or got a nice inheritance I think I would order one of these. Johnny A. Sig with Bigsby.


Sadly, I don't waste money on the lottery or have any loaded relatives, or any relatives near death (both I think).

Wait. Did I just say I am sad my relatives are all healthy? I'm going to Hell.

{censored} Sxyryan, if I won the lottery I'd love to buy one of those and with so much cash on hand, I'd even buy you one too! I'd have one custom made for me with a flamed black top.

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This thing.


Its the wes broland signature yamaha. I don't need to hear about how limp bizkit sucks ok, I know they do, but dammit this is a nifty guitar. Don't like the trem, but the shape is fun, want.

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Right now, I'm GASing hard for a K.A.Z. (Oblivion Dust/VAMPS) signature ESP. It's so unique looking, and it sounds amazing.

BODY : (top) Hard Maple, (back) Mahogany
w/ White Binding
NECK : Mahogany
FINGERBOARD : Ebony, 22Frets w/White Binding
INLAY : Fish Eye
SCALE : 628mm (Medium)
NUT : Bone (42mm)
JOINT : Set-neck
TUNER : Sperzel

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I don't know why but this just calls out to me:


I was knocked out the first time I saw that Emerald Green Burst in person. Also plays and sounds great.

Yes, the inlays are :facepalm:. I actually consider it the guitar equivalent to Sarah Jessica Parker. Amazing body but the neck up is...well...we'll just focus on the body and how fun it is to play with!

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