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When Bjork Attacks!!!


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It's a pretty old video, but still worth a viewing. I can send you the link if you want.

Deranged fan Ricardo Lopez mailed a powerful sulfuric acid letter bomb to pop star Bjork -And then spent 12 hours videotaping every bizarre detail of his own macabre suicide.

A Grossly overweight 21 year old from Hollywood Fla, Lopez became obsessed with the petite Icelandic star three years ago. When he read that Bjork was dating a Black man (Goldie) he became enraged.

"Im going to send her a package" the madman rants on his chilling tape. "Im just going to have to kill her!"

In his macabre suicide video Lopez shaves his head like Marlon Brando's sinister character Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, paints his nipples red, and his face red and green. Then, sitting stark naked in a chair, with a mysterious hand lettered sign reading "The Best Of Me" in the background, he places the blue steel barrel of a .38 caliber pistol in his mouth. The sign, which is not a bjork lyricat first baffled the cops, who now think the madman meant to splatter it with his own blood.

After taking about 20 Deep breaths, Lopez says, "{censored} the World, Thats my last words". As he pulls the trigger and slumps to the floor at exactly 2:53 pm, Bjorks words "I remember you, You're the one that made my dreams come true" are playing eerily in the background.

When cops found Lopez on Sept 16 they discovered that his apartment was a shrine to the singer, the walls plastered with her photos. They also found that hed taped himself placing the acid bomb that he sent to Bjork in a hollowed out book.

Police quickly contacted their counterparts in London England, where the singer now lives. Luckily they intercepted the bomb before it reached its target, foiling Lopez's vow to "send Bjork to Hell".


The actual suicide is really lame because he didn't use a more powerful handgun. There's no exit wound, although you can see his head deform slightly before he grunts and hits the ground. If he'd used a .357 magnum or a .45 he probably would've achieved his goal of splattering the sign behind him with brains and blood.

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