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Party (themed) Cover Band Name ideas

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Gotta keep it rated PG and PC for festival season and the like.

We also want to have the name describe the music we play which is all the crap you have ever heard before and crowds seem to eat up. Bryan Adams-Bon Jovi-Neil Diamond-Train-Blink 182-Wild Cherry on and on and on...

So thoughts so far have been along the lines of:



("Hangover" was suggested but not sure if that fits the PG/PC limitations)



("Johnson" was suggested but same problem)


____ Pardade

("Holiday Parade" was suggested as we could all dress as different holiday characters but that did go well with all members) Baby new year woulda been great if you ask me.




Something can go before, after or both on all of these.


Cant wait to see what ya'll come up with.



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'Holiday' immediately denotes old. Go to southern jersey. All the retirement communities are named things like "Holiday City" and "Holiday Village". Also avoid leisure for the same reasons.


Other than that, I'm incapable of coming up with names that meet the PG/PC criteria that you have. I have the maturity of a 12-year old, sorry. About the closest thing I have (which I'd definitely use, but we're pretty much tied into our name now) is:


Fist Pumpin' Mafia


EDIT: Or just plug your optional words into here: http://www.bandnamemaker.com


Not sure if you'll get anything useful, but lots of them are funny. My favorite so far was: Team Anaconda

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